What Does it Mean to Dream About Losing Things?

The majority of dream interpretation requests I get have to do with 1 of the following types of dreams:

  • Dreams of dying
  • Dreams of a lost loved one
  • Snake dreams

  • Dreams of falling
  • Dreams of being lost
  • Dreams of losing things

I thought we’d take a good look at one of these dreams today:  Dreams of losing things.  Many people want to know what it means to dream about losing things – some wonder if it’s a sign that they’ll be losing something (or someone) in their life.  First of all let me say a resounding NO, these dreams do not tell the future or imply that you’ll lose anything or anyone in your waking life.

Dreams deal with what’s going on in our lives – or with what has gone on in our lives.  Dreams are where we sort it all out.

When we dream of losing things, its almost always because we are (in our waking life) overwhelmed and are currently being pulled in too many different directions or are trying to do too many things.  These dreams often have to do with us, personally, more than things we lose.  They’re just symbols for the bigger picture.

It’s our brain’s way of telling us:  Too many pots on the stove!  Something’s going to happen if you don’t get it together. Dreaming of losing things often means we are “out of touch” or “out of control” in some area of our life.

Many times, life gets so hectic and twisted that we lose touch with who we actually are.  We try to be so many things to so many people that we sort of lose who we truly are.  We forget the things that truly matter (or at least should matter) in life.  At the risk of wading into the deep end of the pool, dreaming of losing things often reflects that we’ve “lost a part of ourselves.”

If you dream that you have lost something, examine your heart and life the very next day, while the dream is still fresh in your mind.  Have you lost touch with yourself lately?  Are you too busy?  Are parts of your life sort of spinning out of control?

As I point out in the article, Dream Prophesy: When Dreams Come True, dreams simply tell us that The stage is set for something to happen.  Whether it does or not is almost entirely up to us.