W, X, Y, and Z Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary – Dreams Beginning with the Letters W, X, Y, and Z

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Wading. If you dream of wading into water, it indicates that you are being cautious about something in particular. Whether or not this is something you have positive feelings about is determined by your emotions in the dream and upon wakening. If you are at peace, you feel that being cautious is the right thing to do. However, if you’re troubled in the dream or upon wakening, you might be a little annoyed by your cautious attitude!

Wager.  A wager is often thought of as a sophisticated bet and (like a bet) is a dream all about taking chances. If you dream of betting, you are either looking to take a risk or feel that you recently took a great risk.

Whistle. A whistle in a dream (whether or not you actually use it or hear it) serves as a reminder to stay on your toes and pay attention.  Many people know (or instinctively feel) when turbulent times are ahead and a whistle is a dream symbol for, “Don’t let your guard down!”

Wig. A wig in a dream often symbolizes a “cover up” or “covering.” It can also symbolize great fear, as it is often attached to losing one’s hair, especially during cancer treatments. A wig alters one’s appearance, and therefore is often symbolic of hiding or changing as well.  Only the dreamer can say for sure which one of these interpretations fits their dream the best.

Winter. What does it mean to dream about winter and/or snow? A lot of it has to do with how you, personally, feel about winter. Two examples are below:

  1. Winter is one of my favorite times of year. Christmas, snow, Starbucks, NFL… what’s not to love?! For me, then, dreaming about winter and/or snow would be all about peacefulness, tranquility, and bliss.
  2. One of my daughters hates, loathes, and despises winter with all that’s within her! To dream about winter or snow, for her, would indicate negativity – possibly a “cold” feeling toward someone or something. This is actually where most people’s dream interpretation would lie – unless, of course, they are completley in love with the season.


X. If you dream, in whatever fashion, about the letter X, it indicates that you are either searching for something (the X that marks the spot!) or you feel that you have found it. Most people associate the letter X with maps, where finding the X often means you’ve either arrived or, better yet, you’ve found treasure.

Although rare, some people actually use the letter X in a dream to symbolize an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or co-worker. The dreamer would be able to tell from the emotions experienced during the dream and upon waking.

X-Rays. Transparency! When a dreamer dreams of x-rays, they are almost always searching for what they believe is hidden from them…. looking for what “lies below,” that others do not see.

X-Rays can also symbolize illness and/or pain, of course. Anything that is associated with a clinic, doctor, or hospital can be symbolic of a present illness or one that the dreamer greatly fears.

I’ve also heard of dreamers who had X-Ray dreams who were trying to “see” something in an individual. Some try to find “hidden” feelings in others and some even try to “uncover dirt” in other people’s lives.  It almost always involves the dreamer looking beneath the surface.


Yahoo. If you dream of the search engine Yahoo, it indicates you are looking/searching for something – this could be answers, a loved one, a romantic partner, more money, job security, better grades, answered prayer… the options are endless.


Zebra. Dreaming of the beautiful zebra often indicates a conflict between the dream meanings of the colors white and black (see our Meanings of Colors in Dreams page for these meanings). Conflicting emotions or feelings often bring about dreaming of zebras.  Also see Zebra Print below…

Zebra Print. Due to the popularity of zebra print in fashion and home these days, zebra prints symbolize beauty and even wealth.

Zero. Dreaming of the number 0 or being aware of “zero” in your dream indicates “coming up empty” – you are possibly afraid of a particular endeavor in  your life not panning out.

Zero can also symbolize loneliness and a feeling that others have deserted you, if only for an afternoon!

Zinc. If you dream of zinc, you probably feel something is lacking from your life or that you’re coming up short in a particular area of your life.

Zipper. A zipper in a dream is pretty fascinating, truth be told. It all comes down to three choices…

  1. It could stand for a feeling that you need to “zip it” as in keep your mouth closed about something in particular.
  2. A zipped (closed) zipper can mean you feel a particular subject has been closed… and the door shut.
  3. An open zipper can symbolize a lack of closure.

Zoo. Dreaming of a zoo is often indicative of how you’re feeling about others – if you have recently thought of your children, friends, or co-workers as either a “monkeys” or “a pack of wolves,” you may carry these feelings over to your dream world.

If a zoo is a place of great joy to you, dreaming of a zoo may simply mean you’d like very much to visit one soon. After all, sometimes the meanings in our dreams are painfully obvious and uncomplicated!

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.