Dream Dictionary (Dream Guide): New Dream Entries Added

Dreams From A to Z, as Well as Colors in Dreams and Dream Numbers

What do Dracula Dreams Mean? Find out in the Dream Dictionary!

As you can tell, there have been a lot of changes at Dream Prophesy. I tried several different looks and themes until I found one that works perfectly for my dreamers.  I’m trying to make it easier for you to find the meaning or meanings behind your dreams. On the front page of the website, midway down, you’ll find a huge search box that’ll allow you to enter a dream symbol and retrieve results that’ll help you interpret your dream.

There is also a search box on the side of each page of the website.

Dream Dictionary and A- Z Dream Guide

I’ve been working a lot (make that A LOT) on the dream dictionary (A – Z guide) on Dream Prophesy. New entries have been added, along with beautiful pictures. You can find the Dream Dictionary pages by hovering over Dream Dictionary in the Menu Bar at the top of each page.  Simply click on the alphabetical page that best describes symbols and/or emotions pertaining to your dream.

For the best dream analysis and interpretation, be sure to look up each word you can think of that’s associated with your dream.  The dream guide is growing, daily, so if you’re unable to find a word you’re looking for today, be sure to check tomorrow!

What Colors Mean in Dreams

I’ve also added a page entirely devoted to colors in dreams.  Different colors actually mean different things and this page will sort it all out for you. I’ll let you in on a little secret…  very often the dream’s analysis and/or interpretation has more to do with the colors in your dream than with the symbols or even emotions. You can find the link to the color guide in the menu bar at the top of each page.

What Numbers Mean in Dreams

Like colors, numbers also can carry a lot of meaning when it comes to dreams. The reason for this is simple, if you REMEMBER a particular number from your dream, it is an important piece to the puzzle. If the fact that you saw, say, 3 cats on a swing, and the number sticks with you, it is important.

If, however, you simply recall “cats on a swing,” the number isn’t important.  The numbers in dreams link is also found at the top of each page.

Why Ancient Dream Guides Aren’t as Relevant Today

There are a lot of ancient, outdated dream guides and dictionaries online and in bookstores and, while I don’t want to be rude, they will not serve you as well as a very up to date dream dictionary and dream guide, such as the one on Dream Prophesy. Don’t get me wrong, they’re entertaining and I even own a few myself. They’re just kind of fun, let’s be honest.

However, if you want an accurate dream interpretation for a modern dream, you MUST have a modern dream dictionary.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Ancient and Outdated Dream Guides Rely Way too Much on Luck! One of the more entertaining ancient dream guides in my collection attaches “omens,” “good luck,” and “bad luck” to just about every dream. We know, today, that that’s all a bunch of nonsense. Dreams do not tell fortunes. Do dreams sometimes seem to come true? Yes. But the reason is simple – some people are incredibly intuitive. They perceive danger, not by hocus pocus, but by keen judgement and a supremely trained knowledge of their surroundings. Some people are more dialed in to their surroundings and the world around them than others and these people can often “sense” trouble. They may detect that another individual’s actions are dangerous and could lead to trouble. If they happen to dream that this individual gets in trouble, the dream didn’t foretell the future, their own keen intuition did.  Many people give their dreams far too much credit and themselves far too little credit. Dreams are not good or bad luck and they certainly are not omens.
  2. Outdated Dream Guides and Dictionaries Have Outdated Words. Our lingo is different than it was 10 years ago, let alone 50 years ago. It only stands to reason that if terminology changes, so do meanings and interpretations. Our dictionary is… and will continue to be… updated frequently to include new terminology and changing interpretations.
  3. Times Change, Period. Here’s an example I use frequently when explaining the importance of an updated, up to the minute dream dictionary: In the 1950’s, if an individual had a dream about a television, it would have carried a lot more weight than you or me dreaming about one today. Most of us, today, have more than one television, whereas in the 50’s a tv set was quite a luxury item!   Here’s another favorite example – Women. Years ago, we females were viewed a lot differently than today. Thank God things have changed! Outdated dream dictionaries can be pretty condescending toward females – without really meaning to be, of course. The same is true for different races and nationalities. Think about it – we simply know so much more today than we knew then.  So, if this much has changed, how can anyone think for one minute that dream interpretations don’t change?!

Finally – a reminder: Dreams are fascinating, dreams are fun, dreams are cool. They are, however, not omens and they do not determine your future. If you have a troubling dream, try to determine what’s behind it if you choose to, then walk away from it and wait for the next dream.

A Few Things Coming Up on Dream Prophesy:

In addition to diving into more dreams and dream meanings, we’re also going to start having a lot of articles and information about sleep problems, improving your sleep, overcoming things such as night terrors and recurring nightmares, etc.

Big plans! I hope you’ll help spread the word about Dream Prophesy by sharing links on social media, forums, your blog – basically everywhere you can. The more people involved in the comments, the funner it is for everyone. Plus, very often, I learn from your dreams and experiences – so keep sharing!

Hoping your dreams are nothing but sweet!  ~ Joi (“Joy”)