Q, R, and S Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary – Dreams Beginning with the Letters Q, R, and S

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Quack.  If the sound of a duck or goose is prevalent in your dream, this symbolizes skepticism about something in particular.  Generally speaking, the dreamer is skeptical about something or someone that everyone else seems to trust.

Quarrel. To dream of having a quarrel or disagreement with someone symbolizes conflict. This could be conflict you are having with someone else, conflict you’re having with yourself, conflicting feelings, or even conflict others are having.  Your dream is your mind’s way of sorting all of this conflict out. Troubling dreams will cease once the conflict is taken care of.

Quartet. Dreaming of a quartet is more about “harmony” than it is a number or the singing, itself. We know that a quartet must be in perfect harmony to work and this is a dream symbol for what the dreamer is seeking in their own life. Usually this harmony refers to personal relationships within the dreamer’s family but it can also refer to relationships with friends or co-workers. Many people have this sort of dream when their friends are arguing and they aren’t even involved. They simply want harmony in their world.

Queen. For those who live in a Queen governed country, a Queen in your dream may represent someone else – a boss, teacher, family member, parent…  basically someone with at least a little authority over you.  However, this is mostly relevant to dreamers who live in a land that is currently governed by a Royal Family.  For the rest of us, when we dream of royalty, it usually refers to someone who “acts like they’re a Queen.. (King..)” – someone with a Royal Complex.  When a King or Queen shows up in your dream, you could think of it as your mind’s way of poking fun at these highfalutin Royal wannabes!

Quiz. If you dream of having a quiz, a lot of the symbolism has to do with how you feel or felt about quizzes. If you were always prepared, then your dream is a tribute to your preparation and hard work. If, like most of us, you weren’t (or aren’t) always prepared, this type of dream serves as a reminder for you to always strive to be prepared and ready.

Even for a pop quiz!


Rain. Rain is symbolic of growth – as we often think of it as causing plants and grass to grow and thrive. In addition to symbolizing growth, rain is also a symbol for refreshment.

Rainbow. A rainbow symbolizes hope and, often, a much-welcomed end to one of life’s storms.

Reading. Reading, in your dream, indicates a desire for learning and growing in wisdom. To dream of reading suggests the dreamer wants to learn more about something in particular.

Rude. To dream that someone is rude to you (or that you are rude to another) implies that someone recently acted rudely to you in your daily life. It could also meant that you fear you were recently rude to someone and regret it.


Scarecrow. It seems that every dreamologist on earth has his or her own interpretation for what a scarecrow symbolizes in dreams.  I, personally, believe a scarecrow represents something that is “supposed to be scary” but truly isn’t. This is usually their minds way of reminding the dreamer that what they fear most simply isn’t worth fearing – that it’s a decoy… in the same way a scarecrow is a decoy to birds – making them think a person is guarding the garden.

Snail. When a snail is in your dream, it symbolizes slowness – as in something that is painfully slow. The implication is that you are about to lose your patience with someone or something.

Snow. Like dreams about winter, dreaming about snow has a lot to do with what you think about it. If you think of snow as peaceful and enjoyable, it’s a positive dream and indicates you feel peaceful in your daily life. If, however, snow brings about anxiety and stress – you’ve probably been dealing with these emotions. Very often we dream of things that reflect the emotions we’re currently feeling.

Snowflake. Dreaming of a snowflake or snowflakes symbolizes a fragile state. You may feel that your emotions or your psyche are fragile right now. You may even feel that a particular relationship is currently fragile and vulnerable.

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.