Dream Prophesy is Back and Better Than Before!

Dream Prophecy, Dream Dictionary, and Dream Interpretations

If you were a regular visitor to the previous Dream Prophesy, you already know what a passion we have for dreams, dream analysis, dream interpretations, the meanings of dreams, and dream prophecy.

We live for this!

If you’re new to Dream Prophesy, please kick back and make yourself at home.  We hope you’ll browse through the dream interpretations and dream dictionary.

Dream Prophesy was a thriving, hugely popular website and blog for many years.  However, when we added a forum to the site, things went downhill fast.  The software we used was, apparently, easy to hack and that’s pretty much what happened.  We lost our HUGE website and blog in a matter of minutes.

Years of (very) hard work – gone in the blink of an eye.  Talk about leaving a bruise.  Unfortunately, the bruise was so uncomfortable that we considered not trying again. 

After all, where’s the fun in starting all over again from zero?!

Then we started thinking about the wonderfully colorful and fascinating people who came to the site and blog regularly.  The people we talked to through e-mail and comments daily.  We missed all of you and didn’t like the thought of not providing a service for you that you obviously benefited from and enjoyed.

So, the bruise has healed, we’re starting all over (like I said, from zero – we don’t have any of our old posts, articles, dream interpretations, dream analyses….anything…. saved) and, to tell you the truth, we’re as excited now as the first time around.  Actually, even more so, because now we know the wonderful dreamers that are on the other side of these words.

Please spread the word to everyone you know that Dream Prophesy is back up.  If you go to other blogs and/or forums, please spread the word like first graders spread colds!  The more people who come and share their dreams and thoughts, the better it’ll be, the more fun we’ll all have, and the faster we’ll get this site built back up!!!

“Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.” – X-Files