Dreams About Flying and Losing Teeth – A Dream Interpretation

What These Dreams are Trying to Tell You

I have had some really absurd dreams and would like some help in trying to figure them out. Some I have had for years and some just once. Some are violent and some are not. In some I am flying through the air. Then in some I have lost 1 tooth, but then they start falling out one at a time till they are gone.I actually feel pain and discomfort in my dreams also.

First of all, let’s talk about the flying dreams. You should know that most of us who study dreams are always impressed by people who dream of flying. It would be the same sort of respect a golf instructor would give to a golfer who hit a hole in one. It’s like, “You go, you!” Flying dreams aren’t that common and the feeling that usually accompanies such a dream is pretty cool.

One thing to ask yourself is this: How did you FEEL in the dream? As you were flying, were you…

  • Afraid?
  • Apprehensive?
  • Uninhibited and free?
  • Happy?
  • Sad and lonely?
  • Hurried and anxious?

Dreamologists are quick to automatically label flying dreams as signs that the dreamer seeks more freedom.  It makes sense, right?  Flight to many people represents freedom.  However, in the dream world, that isn’t always the case.

How can you tell?  Simply by asking yourself a few questions.  The first one is the one we just looked at, “How did you FEEL during the dream?”  Each dream analysis or dream interpretation is different, depending upon your answer.

  • If you felt afraid, your flying represented your mind wanting very much to “escape” something that looms ahead of you.  This could be a test, an evaluation, a dentist appointment, etc.  Basically, your mind would LOVE to be able to escape the situation all together!
  • If you felt apprehensive before or during the flight (for example, if you worried about being able to pull it off or about falling) – you are probably doubting yourself in some area of your life.  You’re having reservations about something in particular.  You just aren’t 100 percent “on board.”  The dream may be a good warning for you to be sure you look before you even think about leaping.
  • If you felt uninhibited and free in your dream, that’s a feeling that you are seeking in your daily life.  You may feel overworked and stressed, either at home, school, or work.  In this case, the traditional view of flying dreams holds true.  You pretty much want to just get away from it all, even if it’s just for a few hours!
  • If your main emotion during the dream was happiness, you’ve recently had a feeling of great elation and it carried over into your dream(s).
  • If, in your dream, you felt sad and/or lonely, you’ve recently felt these emotions in your daily life.  It’s a feeling you mind wants desperately to separate itself from and flying away from the sadness and unpleasant feelings is its way of saying, “Had enough.  Bailing.”
  • Many people have dreams of flying during times of stress and deadlines.  It reminds me of the popular commercial, “Wanna Get Away?”  (Also for flight!)

You may actually have more than one emotion that’d be applicable for the dream.  Don’t worry about it, it simply means you have a lot going on and are living life out loud!

As for the dreams of losing teeth – that’s a classic type of dream that signals, as you might expect, loss.  It’s not as dramatic or as extreme as the loss of a loved one.

Usually, when we dream of losing one or more teeth, we feel that we’ve lost a part of ourselves.  Perhaps you’ve recently compromised in a relationship (as we all have to do from time to time) or friendship.  I once corresponded with a woman who had a recurring dream about losing teeth.  It turns out that she had an extremly generous and selfless nature.  When anything needed to be done at work and no one wanted to do it, she’d step up and volunteer to be the one to stay late or come in early.   When she and her husband went to the movies, she consistently allowed him to choose the movie.  This sort of pattern defined her life – every single day.

Ultimately, this dreamer realized that she was losing a piece of herself along the way.  Her independence and sense of self worth were sliding right away.  Her dreams were alerting her to this fact.  Without changing her generous nature, she did begin to start thinking of herself  more.

The fact that you “feel” pain in your dreams simply indicates to me that you are very dialed into your dream world.  That is, actually, a very good thing – although it may not always feel like it.  This situation allows you to realize, right away, when something isn’t quite best for you.