What Does it Mean to Dream About Dolls?

Dreaming about dolls, in one way or another, symbolizes childhood. It could either be symbolic of the dreamer’s childhood or could symbolize a child (or “wanted” child) in the dreamer’s life. Many couples who are trying to have babies often dream about dolls.  These dreams are simply the mind’s ways of handling the intense desire to have children.

Many people will dream about dolls when they have been thinking and/or talking about their childhood.  The mind sort of goes back in time to “revisit” the magical time of childhood.

Dreaming of dolls can also symbolize children in your life -either your own children or other’s.  If the doll is broken or lost, the dreamer is most likely quite worried about a particular child. If the doll is in perfect condition and (in the dream) brings about positive feelings, it’s simply the mind’s way of expressing love for a particular child (or children).

If – somehow – the doll is associated with negative feelings in the dream, the meaning could be altogether different.  Many people will have negative dreams about dolls… even nightmares… when they have negative events in their daily life.  Due to the fact that there is a doll present in the dream, these negative events either involve a child OR childishness.

Adults who are either dating or have married an individual with a child or children from another relationship sometimes feel jealous or “left out.”  These unfortunate feelings can carry over into dreams and, quite often, star dolls or toys.

In yet another example of doll dreams, we often symbolize someone’s actions (or even our own!) through symbolism in our dreams. If we think someone is acting childish, we’ll find child-like symbols in our dreams – such as dolls.  Even if we’re the one who has been acting childish!

Finally, I remember one particular dream where a woman dreamed that she had a doll that looked JUST like her.  It turned out that she felt like her husband and children never listened to her.  She felt as appreciated and acknowledged as a doll, basically – hence the dream.