N, O, and P Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary – Dreams Beginning with the Letters N, O, and P

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Nail. (see fingernails for that particular dream meaning) Dreaming of nails usually means that the dreamer seeks to “fix” or “mend” something – a relationship, situation, mistake, etc. It can also indicate that the dreamer is trying to “build” a strong relationship, reputation, friendship, work ethic, etc.

Basically, dreaming of nails indicate that the dreamer has been busy trying to make great things happen.

Naked.  I don’t know about you, but anytime I read this word, I say it in my mind like, “NAY-ked” – with a highly exaggerated inflection! What’s up with that? If you dream about nudity or NAY-kedness, it’s not a sexual type dream as most would imagine. It’s actually more about “stripping away” deception. For example, someone who feels that a co-worker or friend is “fake” may dream about nudity as a symbol of wishing this fake individual would knock off their facade. The individual may or may not be the nude in your dream. In fact, the individual you see nude (heck, it may even be YOU) may have absolutely nothing to do with the fake person. It does not, whatsoever, indicate any desire on your part to see this person nude either. Your brain simply needed someone to fill the role at the last minute and plucked someone you’d either talked to or thought about that day.

Dreaming of nudity is also often a “response”dream. While the dreamer is asleep, if he/she feels either hot or cold, the feeling often shows up in the dream – which is pretty fascinating, if you think about it.

Navy. To dream of being in the Navy or seeing a serviceman or  servicewoman in the Navy indicates a desire for discipline and structure either in your own life or in the life of someone you care about.

If it’s the color, Navy Blue, that stands out to you in your dream, please see our What Colors in Dreams Mean page for more information.

Neck. The neck, in dreams, is associated with risk (“neck on the line,” “sticking your neck out..”). If your dream involves anxiety and stress, you are very concerned about this risk. If, however, your dream seems more exciting than stressful, you welcome it and even look forward to the risk.

A neck can also indicate aging or a fear of aging well. Why? Because it is almost impossible to keep your neck from giving away your true age. If this is something you realize and, even worse, if you stress out about it, a neck could indicate aging in your dream.

Necklace. Usually a necklace indicates a gift of some sort. It can also have romantic undertones, but this isn’t necessary. If the necklace is a locket, there are nostalgic implications involved – a longing for something or someone from the past.

If the necklace is a Crucifix, you are seeking to get in touch with your Spiritual side.

If the thing you most remember about the necklace in your dream is that it was either gold, silver, or involved a diamond or pearl – you are seeking the finer things in life.

Nest. To a female dreamer, more so than to a male dreamer, a nest symbolizes their home and family. Now that’s not AT ALL to say the same can’t be true of a male dreamer – it’s just a bit more rare.  If you dream of a nest, it indicates your family and home have been on your mind even more than usual. If the nest is empty, you are missing members of your family who you may not see as often. It could also indicate that you feel at least one family member has grown away from you and you very much want them to return.

Nice. When we dream that someone is uncommonly nice to us, it often means someone’s kindness has recently made an impact on us.  While it can suggest that the dreamer is looking for kindness, it usually is associated with someone being especially nice or kind to them in recent days.

Numbers. For particular numbers, please see What Numbers Mean in Dreams.


Obituary. If you dream of seeing someone else’s obituary, it generally means you have been thinking a great deal about life and death lately, for whatever reasons. If the obituary is that of a loved one, you may have recently been concerned about their health or safety.

If the obituary in your dream is your own, you are probably concerned about your legacy or where your life is headed. While you could also be concerned about your own health or safety, this dream usually has more to do with where you think your life is heading rather than when you think your life is ending!

Obnoxious. (please also see rude) If you are obnoxious to someone in your dream OR if someone is obnoxious to you, it indicates that your feelings have recently been hurt by someone’s rudeness. It doesn’t necessarily have to even be the person in your dream who hurt your feelings. Many times, it’s simply the last person we saw, thought of, or spoke to who fills the role.

Sometimes, these dreams indicate that we, ourselves, were rude or obnoxious to someone and that – not only do we realize it… we also regret it.

Octopus. Dreaming of an octopus usually means the dreamer feels overwhelmed – as if there are too many things going on. He/she has probably even said or thought, “I only have two hands!” recently.

Orangutan.  When we dream of large animals, such as an orangutan, it symbolizes something in our life that is large – something that feels larger than us, as though it looms before us, disrupting our life.

Ornament. (ornaments) Like “decorations” (See the decorations entry for more), a dream about ornaments can imply the dreamer’s love of beautiful things – and an appreciation for something they either recently acquired or wish to acquire.

If, upon wakening and reflecting on your dream, the word “ornament” or “ornaments” come to mind rather than “decorations,” it usually is more indicative that you wish to add something to your life. There is something – most likely personal (makeup, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings…) – that you feel will make your world a more beautiful place in which to live.


Pain. If you feel some type of pain in your dream, it is speaking to physical or emotional pain you or someone else has (or may) experienced in the “real world.” The same analysis is true if you see someone else in pain in your dream.

If you cause the pain to yourself in the dream – you possibly feel that you’ve done something to “hurt” or “harm” yourself recently. Hurting yourself in a dream can also indicate guilt over something in particular.

If you dream of causing pain to another, it can indicate that you feel you’ve recently hurt them in some way – even if you feel you hurt their feelings. It could also indicate a level of guilt you feel regarding this individual.  It can, also, go the other way as well. When you dream of hurting someone, it could indicate that you have recently felt like doing something to them as “pay back” for something they’ve done to you. For example, if someone says something that hurts your feelings, you may want to say something back to them to “get even.”  If you bite your tongue, you may later dream of doing something to them.

If someone hurts you and causes you pain in your dream, it could indicate vulnerability you feel – it may or may not have anything to do with this individual. You could feel vulnerable in an area they have absolutely nothing to do with. Often our dream simply “casts” a role for its mini-movie with the first available individual it thinks of (usually someone the dreamer thought of or saw that day).

Paint. (verb) Dreaming of painting something indicates the dreamer’s desire to make something beautiful or create something others will approve of. This could be indicative of something they want to accomplish personally or professionally.  What colors were prominent in your painting dream? These will also have a lot to do with the dream interpretation. See Colors in Dreams to delve further into your dream’s meaning. (Also see crafts.)

For paint (noun), as in a can of paint, an easel of paint, or some sort of craft-related paint, the dream analysis could be one of several things. First of all, the interpretation could be entirely about the color of the paint – to get the point across, your subconscious mind possibly just chose paint as a way to indicate the color. Second of all, paint in a dream can be symbolic of wanting to either improve a situation or cover up a situation.

Painting. (noun) If you dream of a painting, the interpretation is largely determined by your reaction to the painting. In our dreams, when we see a photograph or painting, it is often how we “picture” a situation in our life or, at times, even our life as a whole. If the painting is bright, happy, and makes you feel good – you could say you feel good about where you are in life. If the painting is dark or disturbing, you possibly have at least one thing in your life that’s troubling you.

Can’t make out or understand the painting?! This indicates confusion and possibly a lack of direction or clarity in your daily life.  Again, if colors stand out to you in this painting, see Colors in Dreams.

For “painting,” as in a form of the verb paint, please see the entry above.

Peacock. A peacock (particularly a male peacock) is very much associated with pride and arrogance. If you dream of a peacock, it suggests that you have recently suspected someone else (or maybe even yourself) of being proud, arrogant and possibly vain. If you dream of a peahen, it could be taken as a type of “opposite” dream – where as you detect a lack of pride or arrogance in yourself or another.

Pearls. Pearls were once associated primarily with wisdom (“pearls of wisdom” was once a very popular phrase). If this phrase is pretty familiar to you, the dream could very well be referring to wisdom you either appreciate in yourself or another or to wisdom you feel is sorely lacking somewhere.

Pearls can also be symbolic of  “grandmothers” or even “prudes” – think of the phrase “Clutching her pearls…”

Last, but certainly not least, pearls can represent high society, riches and treasures. I actually believe this is the most common dream association for pearls – but only the dreamer will know for certain.

Picky. If you dream that someone (or you, yourself) is “picky” or “overly particular,” it means that you feel you’ve judged someone or something too harshly – or that someone you know has been guilty of being overly judgmental.

Pretty. To dream of something or someone pretty means that the dreamer prefers to focus on the beautiful things in life as opposed to the unattractive, negative things. This normally means that this is a fairly recent adjustment in attitude.

Priest. (Pastor, Clergy, Nun, Sunday School Teacher) This one can be complicated. There are several ways this could go and we need to look at each one.

  1. Very often, dreaming of a priest (or any religious figure) implies the dreamer’s need for reassurance – particularly reassurance that they are a “good” person. Very often, when someone has this type of dream, someone has recently caused them to feel as though they are a “bad” person. This type of dream means they need someone to reaffirm that they are actually good… not bad.
  2. Guilt can lead to this type of dream, but – in a way – it still ties into number 1. It’s just that, in this case, the dreamer IS the person accusing them of being “bad.”

Pond. Oddly enough, dreaming of a pond differs a great deal from dreaming about a lake, river, or ocean. When we think of ponds, we usually think of reflections. Whether this stems from fairy tales or personal experiences, a pond is often seen as something that reflects our image back to us. For this reason, dreaming of a pond often means self-examination. The dreamer has possibly been searching themselves for motives, thoughts, ideas, etc.

Popcorn. Whether it’s movie theater popcorn, popcorn at a ballgame, or popcorn at a carnival – we associate popcorn with fun. Dreaming about popcorn indicates the dreamer is looking for more fun and less work. Aren’t we all?!

Post Office. (Postal Workers, Mail Carriers, Post Office Box, Mail Truck..) Dreaming about a post office, mail carrier, mail truck, etc, indicates the dreamer’s desire to connect or communicate with someone. While this often suggests someone “far away,” it can just as easily represent someone who FEELS “far away.”

Pulling. Normally, the interpretation for pulling is the same as for dragging. If you dream of pulling something or someone, it’s an indication that you feel like you are doing the majority of the work – either at home, in a relationship, at work, or at school. You feel others (possibly even one person, in particular) isn’t pulling their weight or doing “their share.”

If you dream that someone is pulling you – or you dream of seeing someone else pulling something – the implication is you aren’t 100% certain that you are doing all you can in a certain area. You expect more from yourself!

“Pulling” dreams can also indicate that you’re expecting far too much of yourself. Think “pulling a rabbit out of your hat” or “pulling off the impossible.” It could be that you’ve been trying to pull off something that is downright impossible and your subconscious mind is reminding you of this.

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.