Dream Dictionary

A to Z Guide to the Meaning of Your Dreams!

Our Dream Dictionary is a vital piece of your dream interpretation puzzle.  Dream symbols hold a great deal of weight and importance when it comes to dream interpretation.  Truth be told, they’re only second to “emotions” when it comes to a legitimate and useful dream interpretation.  This is why I always encourage you to write down everything you remember about your dreams – as in every single object, color, and detail.  Even dream symbols that you think are unimportant can prove to be vital to your dream’s interpretation and analysis.

We are currently re-doing our entire dream dictionary.  Why?  Because times change, “meanings” change, and… therefore… dream symbols change.  Dreaming of a television set, for example, today holds an entirely different meaning from someone who dreamed of a television set in 1967.  We want our dream dictionary, like all of our information, to be as accurate and up-to-the-minute as possible.  So, we’re starting at A and working our way to Z.  It’s a lot of work on our part, make no mistake about it! But we don’t want you having to settle for anything less than the best.

Click on the Dream Symbol(s) in your dream. If there are more than one, be sure to read the dream dictionary entry for each.

What makes our Online Dream Dictionary different from all the rest?

The Dream Dictionary on Dream Prophesy is kept VERY current and up-to-date.  We add new “terminology” that is popular today, as well as television shows, cultural icons, celebrities, etc. Why is this important? Because “symbols,” today, are vastly different from “symbols” many years ago – actually, they’re vastly different than they were just 7 years ago!  Times change and, as a result, so do symbols. For example, a television in a dream in the 50’s would have been a symbol of great wealth and, possibly, even a huge personal goal. Today… not so much!

We try to keep our online dream dictionary current, objective, and fun to read. Injecting personality into the dream entries makes it funner for all involved.

Our dream entries and the content in our dream dictionary isn’t copied from an ancient dream guide. They are the work of dream prophesy’s dreamologist and are carefully…. very carefully… considered, thought out, and reflected upon.