What Do Prayer Dreams Mean?

More Times Than Not it’s All About HOPE

Prayer dreams can have several meanings. Very often, the dreamer will dream about prayer or about praying simply as a result of having prayed right before falling asleep. The beautiful process finds its way into the dream simply because it was the last thing the dreamer thought about or did.

However dreaming about prayer can also have another interpretation. Prayer dreams can indicate that the dreamer is currently “at the end of his or her rope” about a particular matter.  Something in their life simply seems too large for them to handle.

Most people, when they’ve reached what appears to be the end of their rope look UP to Heaven… more specifically UP to God. Prayer dreams are the subconscious mind’s way of seeking the solution to a puzzle they can’t solve.

When this is the case, and the dreamer’s prayer indicates that – deep inside – they are hopeful of a positive solution to their problem.

If, in your dream you experience an answer to prayer – either one you prayed within the dream, or a prayer you’ve prayed while awake, it is a symbolism of hope.

By contrast, if you dream of NOT getting an answer to prayer, your hope is currently feeling a little shaky!

Another dream interpretation for prayer dreams has to do with the dreamer’s conscience. Some people will dream about prayer or praying when they feel guilty about something in particular. It’s as though they’re looking for forgiveness from God, other people, and (perhaps most importantly), themselves.

Only the dreamer will be able to tell which of these dream interpretations fits their situation.