Dreams About Snakes in the Grass

I had a dream three nights ago that I can’t shake.  I was in the yard, at a picnic or something like that.  I looked down and saw a snake coming toward me in the grass.  No matter where I tried to run, there he was following me.  I felt so scared and helpless because no matter where I went, he came.

I ran into a circus type tent and thought I was safe.  But then the ring leader, who looked more like a talk show host, held the snake up in the air and started walking toward me with it. The snake still had grass on it and was, at first, playing dead.  Then he reared up and looked really angry.  I knew he was mad that I had tried to get away from him.  Thankfully I woke up before the ringleader and the snake got to me.

I can’t get this dream out of my head and keep expecting a snake to be everywhere.  I hate snakes anyway, so this is a really horrible deal for me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  It may sound silly, but I don’t even want to go outside.

I can totally relate to you – snakes are one of my own biggest fears, so I don’t think it sounds silly.  You will get over this feeling in a few days, though, so don’t worry about it too much.

A few things strike me about your dream.

  1. The fact that you said you couldn’t “shake” the dream and that it is affecting you so strongly that you expect a snake to be “everywhere” mean a great deal.  It takes a particularly powerful and vivid dream to stay with a dreamer like this.  This is almost always an indication that there are extremely strong emotions tied to the interpretation of this dream.

  2. Most dreams involving snakes stay in our minds because of a snake’s symbolism.  We associate snakes with satan to a great extent, thanks to the Garden of Eden.  It’s hard to get any scarier than that, right?!   Even thought any animal could have been used to speak to Eve, the fact that satan chose a snake stays with us.
  3. Your snake was so persistent!  This is another indication of the importance of this dream’s interpretation.
  4. The fact that you said you were scared and felt helpless are huge.

This dream seems to indicate that you are feeling more helpless lately than you have ever felt before.  Because of the impact this dream is having on you, I’d say that feeling helpless is a feeling you aren’t at all familiar with.  The fact that your subconscious mind chose something you hate so passionately (snakes) is a clear indication of the inner turmoil you’re feeling.  You probably aren’t even fully aware of just how much stress you’ve been under or how helpless you’ve been made to feel.

Once you realize that the snake in the grass was merely symbolic for this emotion, you’ll realize that you don’t have anything to fear around the next corner – not even outside!  This snake in your dream only symbolizes whatever it is in your day to day life that you feel helpless against.

When you find a way to deal with this particular problem, you will have won the battle!

Until then, here’s something to keep in mind about snakes – so many  of us are afraid of them, but we can’t name one single person we know who has ever been bit by one.  Yet, most of us can name several people who’ve been bit by dogs or cats – yet we aren’t afraid of them in the least!  Or cars – most of us know of people who’ve been badly hurt in car wrecks, but we get into them every day without fear.  I, myself, have been in 3 car wrecks and have never been approached by a snake EVER, yet I’m terrified of one and can’t imagine life without the other.

Try to focus on solving whatever it is in your life that has made you feel helpless and overcome it.  Try not to dwell too much on snake dreams.  When you do think about it – be thankful!  He may have helped draw attention to something in your world that you need to address before it gets the better of you.