Dream Interpretation: Dreaming About Eagles

This Beautiful Symbol of America Usually Means “Patriotism”

I recently heard from a young high school student who had experienced an unusual dream. He had seen an eagle in his dream and, in fact, this beautiful bird was the only thing he could remember from the whole dream.

He said that this was fairly unusual because he’d never even seen an eagle in person and certainly hadn’t thought much about eagles, if ever.

Given the fact that he was an American – living in “H-O-T” Texas, as he put it! –  I told him that the eagle symbolized America, Patriotism, and Freedom. I asked if any of these had been on his mind lately and he said they had been. He talked a little bit about world events and said that he hated when people didn’t respect their country.


Even when non-Americans dream about eagles, the symbolism is freedom and grandness.