Dream Analysis: What Do Flood Dreams Mean?

The dream interpretation (or dream analysis) for flood dreams is pretty cut and dry. The symbolism of the flood waters and the feelings the dreamer experiences during, and after, the dream represent circumstances and situations in the dreamer’s real world.

Floods, and other natural disasters (such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes) represent UNCONTROLLABLE forces that are POWERFUL, and very often leave their victims utterly helpless.  It’s these feelings that the dream, itself, represents.

If you dream about a flood, more likely than not you have recently felt overwhelmed in your life by something (or someone) that seemed like an uncontrollable force – one which left you feeling somewhat helpless, at their mercy, and victimized.

Think about the word flood for a minute.  We talk about floods of emotion, floods of tears, floods of rain – each time we’re referring to something that seems endless and out of control. The floods in a dream represent something in our daily life that seems out of control, relentless, and overwhelming.   A flood dream is almost always symbolic of something negative in our lives that we want to address but haven’t yet found a way to do so.  I say almost always because there is an exception.

More than likely, if you have a flood dream, your emotions will be anywhere from frightened to extremely anxious. However, if your emotion could be described as calm, amused, or even relieved, your dream analysis is different from the one discussed above.  If you have a positive emotion during your flood dream, your dream is symbolic of relief.  This could mean that something WAS overwhelming, but you found a way to handle the situation and come out on top.  Your dream could be a celebration of this triumph.

If you feel relief during the dream, it could mean that you have bottled-up (or “dammed up”) emotions that you want to release.  Your subconscious mind is letting you know what a relief it will be when you release these emotions and sort of let the flood gates open!

Finally, ask yourself if the dream seemed to be more about the flood, itself, or the “washing away” of homes, cars, etc.  If the dream seems to be more symbolic of “washing away,” you could either be looking to make changes in your life OR you could be afraid of unwanted changes washing over your life.  Again, the emotions you feel in the dream will clue you in on whether this is a positive dream or a negative dream