Dreaming About Hope… What Does This Beautiful Dream Mean?

When Your Brain Tries to Tell You Something, Always Listen!

I had a dream about a woman. I have no idea who she was, she didn’t look familiar to me. I saw her working in an outdoor market in a foreign city.  I believe we were in an Asian city and she appeared to be Japanese. All I know for sure about her is her name was HOPE.  She was dressed colorfully and was smiling. I just really remember her being colorful and happy. I’m curious what this means because it seems out of the blue and it was so vivid and colorful. I remember all the beautiful colors and her happiness. Thank you.

This is a beautiful dream – not because of the specifics, so much, but because of what they mean. The dream is about one thing, and that’s the smiling lady’s name: HOPE. The fact that you even capitalized each letter of the name leads me to believe that, deep inside, you realize this as well.

Your subconscious, dreaming mind would find it almost impossible to translate HOPE in any way other than a woman’s name. To use a lady’s name is very clever and creative!

The fact that she was outside and represented a far away, exotic location says this to me: When you have HOPE, the wide world is ahead of you and absolutely anything is possible. It speaks to limitless potential and living without boundaries.

A colorful and beautiful world of happiness lies before you when your heart is filled with hope.

Maybe, in your daily life, you have recently thought about HOPE – possibly you were hopeful for something (or someone). The beautiful feeling simply found its way into your dream.

On the other hand, you may have recently begun to lose HOPE over a particular matter. This would be your brain’s way of telling you that, more than anything else, you need to get HOPE back.  This dream is a perfect reminder of how important it is to listen to your dreams. They are almost always trying to tell you something.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream. I hope all of your days will be filled with HOPE and unlimited happiness.