My Ex is Dreaming About Me: What Do His Dreams Mean?!

The Dream Prophecy for Ex Dreams Usually Isn’t What You Think…

Someone recently left a comment on Dream Prophesy about dreams their ex was having.  Apparently, even though the ex now as a family of their own, they still often have dreams about this person.

First of all, everyone involved in the scenario can relax – because, ironically, dreams bout exes isn’t always as much about the EX as it is the PAST.  Sure, there are instances when the dream COULD be about the person – but when that’s the case, the dreamer pretty much knows this right off the bat.  The dreams will make them genuinely miss the person and long for what they had.

More times than not, however, the WHO in the dream isn’t even the most important part of the dream.  Most of the time, the most significant part of the dream is the WHERE and WHEN – the fact that the individual is present in the dream is simple – they were there in the dreamer’s REAL LIFE timeline.

Here’s an example. A man was married for 7 years to a woman. Most of his 20’s were spent with this individual.  After they’ve divorced (and even after he has happily moved on) she may show up in his dreams. It doesn’t mean he still has feelings for her and it certainly doesn’t mean he misses her.

He’s simply dreaming about a period of his life where she happened to be present.

Our dreams are like little movies that play out in our minds while we’re sleeping.  Our memories build the build of the content in our dreams.  If – while awake – we could actually SEE our dreams play out, we’d realize that there are TONS of people in our dreams from our past – teachers, cashiers, acquaintances… even old friends.  In an unconscious state, we don’t often “register” these faces. However, we do recall the more familiar ones, such as loved ones, family members, close friends, and… yes… exes.

Back to the man in our example –   His dreams of the past could have to do with several different things:

  • He may miss something about the past – maybe  in the past he had more money, better health, a job he liked better,  maybe family members who have died were alive THEN, etc.  The ex could simply represent a period of time.
  • He may have regrets or guilt about something he did during this period of time. Maybe even something he did to the ex that he carries guilt from
  • He could also carry “scars” from the relationship, along with a deep-seeded fear that what happened THEN could happen again one day.
  • Finally, it could simply be a case of the sleeping mind “casting” a movie – using the only “cast” that’s available to it: people from the dreamer’s life, past and present.

I hear so often from people who either have had dreams about exes or who currently love someone who’s dreaming about their ex. Sometimes I even hear from the ex who is showing up in someone else’s dream. The top 3 things I always stress to them are:

  1. The dreamer (9 times out of 10) is simply dreaming about a period of time that the ex happens to have been present.
  2. Every individual in our dreams is someone we have seen or met in our lives. The brain is incapable of “dreaming up” (pun unintended!) someone. The people the unconscious mind  casts in its movies have to come from the dreamer’s past.
  3. If someone shows up in someone else’s dream in in NO WAY means they  had been thinking about them. Think about your own dreams, how many times does someone randomly show up and – upon wakening – you’re like, “Why in the world would I dream of her/him?!?!
  4. If the dreamer (or the ex or the individual currently “with” the dreamer) puts too much importance or emphasis on the dream, only bad things will happen.  Absolutely no good comes from focusing undue attention or attaching uncalled for emotions around something like a dream. In fact, the more attention given to this kind of dream the worse it’ll be for everyone involved. Write it off as irrelevant and it’ll be just that.
  5. Finally, remember these words: THE PAST.  The ex is symbolic of one thing – THE PAST.

Generally speaking, that’s exactly where the past should be left.