Color Dreams: What Do Colors in Dreams Mean?

Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink, Orange… Each Has it’s Own Meaning!

What Do Colors in Dreams Mean?

If you’ve landed on this page from our Dream Dictionary, then you are seeking to “flesh out” your dream. Think of yourself as a detective, looking for more clues!

First, an answer to an age-old question, “Do we dream in color?” Absolutely! The problem is that we often take colors for granted in our dreams – the sky is always blue and the grass is always green, so these details seldom stand out to us.  It’s when they do stand out to us that we have to look at the meaning of the color, itself, even more so than the object because the object, itself, is probably simply a vehicle to represent the color.

Also see the “Final Word About Dream Colors” at the bottom of the page for more dream interpretation information.

Black.  Black is a fascinating color in dreams because it can be symbolic of several contrasting things. Why? Because our vocabulary includes this striking color “across the board.” Black can symbolize beauty (Black is Beautiful), mystery (Bat-Man, Cat Woman…), and darkness. You have to look at the emotions within the dream. If the dream is of a black cat, the symbolism could go one of two ways – because “black cats” are, historically thought of as mysterious and bad luck, you could be cautious of something in your daily life. If, however, you’re like me and adore black cats, they could simply symbolize beauty and love. A black raven indicates mystery.  Black clothing (like cats) also goes one of two ways – it can indicate a desire to “slim down” something in the dreamer’s life or it could indicate grief or loss.

Black hair and/or skin is indicative of beauty. Raven-Haired beauty, Tall, Dark and Handsome…

In westerns, before color came into play, villains and heroes were often distinguished by their color of hat. The “good guys” wore the light hats and the “bad guys” wore the dark hats. For this reason, if you dream of a white hat, it’s a positive vibe and if you dream of a black hat, your dream has a negative vibe.

Blue. Blue can mean several different things in dreams but is usually associated with peacefulness and Spirituality. The color blue, itself , invokes feelings of peacefulness, tranquility, and calmness. The reasons for this are the things we most associate with the color blue – lakes, oceans, and the sky. These are peaceful, uplifting settings and the color blue benefits from the association.

Naturally, blue is also symbolic of “Heaven,” as we know Heaven lies beyond the sky. When we look Heavenward, we see the blue sky – which makes this particular color one of the most Spiritual colors. Dreaming of anything blue (particularly if is the color of the sky), often speaks to our Spiritual life. As with all dreams, you have to examine the overall “theme” or “vibe” of the dream, along with accompanying emotions to find your analysis or interpretation. If the vibes and emotions are negative, you probably feel that your Spiritual life (or that of someone you love) isn’t where you want it to be.

If your dream has positive emotions associated with it, the opposite is true – you feel at peace with your Spiritual side.

If the hue of blue is, say, Navy or another “variety” of blue, you may be seeking to express yourself differently – to stand out from the crowd, so to speak.

Brown. Brown is associated with brunettes, wood, expensive furniture, brown eyes, UPS, and many colors in nature. This is one of those colors where dreamers have to ask themselves, “What does brown symbolize for me?” Typically, brown is a comforting, steady color and this is where the dream interpretation begins.  It indicates you are comfortable with life and with whatever it is you are dreaming of.

Coral. (also see orange) While coral is, generally speaking, a shade of orange, if you “registered” the color in your dream as “coral,” it may have an extra meaning. When we dream of  special colors (that is to say colors which are not the primary colors on a color wheel), the entire complexion of our dream analysis changes. These dreams indicate a great desire to stand apart from the rest – to assert our individuality and to be acknowledged for doing so, thank you very much.

Gold. While the color gold could be considered a form of yellow, it is in its very own class when we’re looking at dream colors. The reason for this is that it has its own meaning – and it’s a potent one, at that. Gold symbolizes wealth and is, generally, considered the ultimate “find” or “goal.” Because of this, gold in a dream often indicates the dreamer is either looking for something valuable to him/her or feels they have already found (or been handed) something “golden” – like an opportunity.

Gold can also symbolize a wedding ring or engagement ring. Many individuals who are either planning a wedding or wish they had a wedding to plan dream of gold as a symbolism of wedding rings.

Green. Similar to blue and brown, green is a color we associate with nature. Green is perceived as a calm, tranquil color and dreaming of green usually reflects these symbols. More times than not, dreaming of green symbolizes harmony and a feeling of peacefulness.

Green can also indicate envy (green-eyed monster) and money (obvious reasons). The dreamer has to examine their dream’s details and emotions to determine which of these meanings green represents in their dream.

Before you think an envy dream is 100% bad, see what envy dreams mean in our dream dictionary.

Orange. Fun times! Dreaming of orange is kind of like a trip to the carnival. It denotes playfulness and happiness. As with all colors, you need to ask yourself what this color means to you. If, say, you are a Baltimore Orioles fan, this may symbolize your team or baseball for you. If you dream of orange fruit, it is probably more about the fruit than the color.

I mean, what other color is an orange going to be?!

Red. Red is, above all else, symbolizes feelings of  NOTICE ME! PAY ATTENTION! It’s a color that refuses to be ignored. Dreaming of red could mean your subconscious mind is telling you that you’re ignoring something (someone?) very important and that you need to pay attention.

Red can also represent blood. This could indicate a fear of illness or injury – it could also be the brain’s way of acknowledging or reliving a recent injury or brush with danger.

For Christians, such as myself, the blood of Jesus is a very Spiritual symbol and could speak of Spiritual matters.

Red can also indicate beautiful red hair or a certain red-head in your life.

Because of Valentine’s Day hearts, red can indicate love and romance as well.

Silver. I’ll just admit it, right up front, silver is a hard one to wrap dream analysis fingers around. It can go so many different ways! We’ll run them down and you can determine, yourself, which analysis best fits your situation.

  1. Silver often stands for aging – as in silver hair. Usually, we think of grey/gray hair as that – gray/grey. However, this hair color that comes with maturity is often thought of as “silver” as well. For this reason, silver can stand for aging, maturity, aging gracefully, and distinction. I only name the positive aspects of aging, here, because if the term “silver” stands out to you, in relation to aging, you’re thinking about it beautifully and there are no negative feelings attached to your dream.

  2. Silver can stand for riches and wealth – much like gold does.
  3. Also like gold, silver can symbolize an engagement or wedding ring – a ring they have, will soon have, or wish they had.
  4. Silver can signify “second best” to some people. Think of the Olympics – Gold is the best, Silver second-best. Some people dream of silver when they feel that their work (or they, themselves) are second best or second in someone’s affections.

White. White, generally speaking, stands for purity (snow), peacefulness (dove), and freedom (clouds). It can also stand for cleansing – think of bleaching laundry, for example. When bleach is added to whites, it removes all traces of dirt and the result is a blindingly white garment.  Dreaming of white can indicate cleanliness or cleansing – one that has taken place or one the dreamer feels needs to take place.

Yellow. Yellow indicates happiness and even playfulness. It’s one of the most cheerful colors and to see it in a dream usually indicates the dreamer is in good humor!

Final Word About Dream Colors

After reading the entry above for the color(s) in your dream, you may want to also ask yourself the following questions, for an even more personal dream interpretation and analysis:

  • Does this color represent something strongly from your childhood? Could the green stand for your mother’s kitchen appliances, for example? Could the red be symbolic of your favorite bicycle? Many times the colors in our dreams actually symbolize something from our past and our mind is journeying back there – either for comfort or closure.
  • Does the color represent a favorite sports team? I associate blue with UK Basketball, red with St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and orange with Denver Broncos Football as much as I do anything else – so when I dream of these colors, I often realize that the dream often came right after a game or after I was thinking about one of my teams.
  • Could the color represent someone? If the color in question is one you strongly associate with someone in particular (eye color, hair color, favorite color, color they frequently wear or even the color you last saw them wear…), the dream interpretation suddenly becomes more about them than anyone or anything else. They’re on your mind!

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