If you’re a regular visitor to the Dream Prophesy blog and Dream Dictionary, you can tell some pretty big changes have taken place over Christmas and New Years. I wanted to find a “theme” which made it easier for my visitors to read on all devices – iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Desktops, etc. I believe this theme will make it easier to read the dream dictionary as well as the blog posts and dream interpretations.

You should also be able to leave comments (and find replies) easier too.

I’d love for you to leave comments in this post telling me the types of dream interpretations you’d like to see MOST this year on Dream Prophesy. If you’ve recently had a dream you’d like interpreted and analyzed, leave it in the comments on this post, too. I will take each dream and interpret it in an upcoming post.

Dream Prophesy Posting Schedule:

Last year was incredibly busy (and a little nuts, if we’re being honest), so my schedule on Dream Prophesy got completely blown out of the water. When I was on Dream Prophesy, I was so busy working on the Dream Dictionary, What Numbers Mean in Dreams, and What Colors Mean in Dreams that the blog aspect was kind of ignored.

I’m back on top of things now and will be updating the blog at least three times a week.

Leave any dreams or dream subject requests in the comments. Thanks! I look forward to a really fun 2017 on Dream Prophesy! ~ Joi (“Joy”)