Numbers in Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Dream Dictionary for Numbers

When it comes to analyzing what numbers mean in dreams, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Think of what the number means to you personally. If you have three children, the number 3 is going to be extra special to you. If there are 7 members in your family, the number 7 symbolizes family to you. If you were an only child, the number 1 may mean “special” to you more so than “lonely.”

  • Think of your culture. Certain numbers, in Chinese, are considered lucky that we, in the rest of the world, don’t recognize as such. The same is true for “unlucky” numbers. Different cultures and different countries assign such labels to different numbers.
  • Think of your age or the age of someone you care about. If you dream of the number 17 and can’t figure out why, it may be referring to when you were 17 – an event that happened during that year, for example.
  • What if it’s a combination number? If the number is not listed below, say it’s the number 27, and it doesn’t have any personal significance to you, it’s up to you to determine which of the numbers (in this case the 2 or the 7) hold the most weight in your dream. Unraveling the mystery is half the fun!

You may not actually SEE the number, itself, in your dream or even HEAR the number. The number will probably show up in a “hidden” manner – such as how many flowers are in a vase, how many baby ducks are on the pond, etc. The point is, if you remember a certain number from your dream, it is important.

One. One represents being alone. This could indicate the dreamer feels lonely or abandoned – but it also could mean that the dreamer feels that he/she is above the rest! A feeling of being “number one” is anything but a lonely feeling.

One can also represent having one main goal or dream in life – and, therefore, can be associated with the word focus.

Two. Two symbolizes a partnership – usually a romantic partnership. This could mean the dreamer is thinking of his/her partner more than usual or that the dreamer wishes he/she had a partner in the first place.  Two can also be symbolic of communication and harmonious relationships.

Three. The number three is symbolic of the family dynamic – father, mother, child. It is also Spiritually symbolic of the Holy Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Four. Four can mean several things. For one, it is symbolic of the seasons, so it can represent change. It is also the number of elements (fire, water, air, and earth), so it can represent a foundation. There are four corners to a box, so four can be symbolic of structure.

Like all EVEN numbers, four can stand for balance, logic, and common sense.

Five. Five is most often thought of when it comes to the five senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing), therefore 5 represents life and well-being to most people.  There are five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot, so the number can also represent completion and wholeness.

Six. Again, as all even numbers, the number six can represent balance, logic, and common sense.  Fans of the Brady Bunch may very well associate the number 6 with family… particularly a large, happy family.

Seven. Seven is another Spiritual number – as God created the earth in seven days. Seven is often associated with creating, creation, and completion. There are Seven days in a week, so seven can also symbolize time.

Eight. In addition to balance, logic, and common sense, eight can represent (like six) a large, happy family. Eight also symbolizes luck and a feeling of being lucky. Many people associate 8 with infinity as well.

Nine.  Nine is most notorious for being the number of months during a pregnancy, so it often symbolizes family and babies.

Ten. Usually, the number 10 symbolizes perfection.

Twelve. This number usually means completion – as there are 12 months in a year and 12 doughnuts in a dozen.

For more information about numbers in dreams (including an especially “tricky” method your dream mind uses!) see Number Dreams: What Do the Numbers Mean.