What Does it Mean to Dream of Death?

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that dreaming of death foretells of a loved one dying.

First of all, dreams are a many things, but psychic they are not.  Our dreams reflect what is going on inside our minds and hearts.   They deal with (and sort out) things that we are currently experiencing or things that we have currently experienced.

Now having said that, we can take the information and symbolism found in our dreams to help us in the future.  So, in that regard, they can provide warnings and admonitions.  However, please don’t ever think they foretell bad omens or that dreaming of darkness is a prediction for upcoming  darkness.

If you have had a dream which involved death, rest assured that you are far from alone.  We’ve all had death dreams and, while troubling, we all know that they slink out of our lives just as fast as they slunk in.

Death dreams generally mean that you are anxious or worried.  You may not fully realize how much anxiety you’re actually feeling.  Many times, troubling dreams like this wave a flag for the individual and cause them to realize just how much stress they’ve been under.  The dreamer can then realize that they need to pull back a little bit – enjoy life more rather than just anxiously trying to get from point A to point B!

Almost all dreams of dying can be traced back to an overworked, overly anxious individual very much in need of some time off!