A Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary: Dreams Beginning with A

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Abandonment. To dream that you have been abandoned indicates deep-seeded guilt. You feel, somehow, that you want to “lose” something that you have said or done. To dream of abandoning another person, place, or thing indicates that you are at your “wits end” over a particular matter and are just about to bail!

Abbey. To dream of an abbey or church indicates either a feeling of safety and peace or a longing for safety and peace.  To differentiate between the two in your own personal dream interpretation, you have to look at the rest of the dream – specifically at your emotions during the dream (and even upon wakening). The more “negative” the emotions felt/feel, the more the interpretation leans toward you LOOKING for peace and safety as opposed to already having it. Read more about church dreams by clicking the link (a dream about an abbey carries the same basic interpretation).

The only time an abbey wouldn’t mean basically the same as a church dream is the following special situation: For a monk or nun (or, to a certain extent, any man or woman of God) to dream of an Abbey would be the same as the rest of us dreaming of home.

If someone walked away from (or didn’t follow through with) a life of service to God, to dream of an Abbey could be their mind’s way of dealing with second thoughts and with “what if” type questions.

Abdomen. To dream about an abdomen (or to recall an abdomen in your dream in some fashion) is an interesting situation. A body part of this nature is an intimate dream symbol and indicates strong emotional attachment and love. Often, this is associated with a love between parent and child, but not always. An abdomen can also be a sensual dream symbol and mean that parents and children are the last thing on your mind! Only the dreamer knows for sure.

Abortion. To dream about having an abortion or to dream of witnessing one means that you are at odds over a particular situation. Part of you wants to abandon or “abort” something in particular while another part of you knows that doing so could be the biggest mistake you ever made.

Abscess. To dream of an abscessed tooth, or an abscess of any sort indicates that you sense some sort of impending doom. You feel, deep inside, that you hold the key to preventing the trouble. You may, or may not be, right.

Abuse. To dream of abuse in any way indicated hidden anger and resentment.

Accents. To dream of having an accent or to dream of other people with accents indicates confusion or indecisiveness about a particular matter.

Accessories. To dream of accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. indicates that you feel, somehow, incomplete with something – either work, yourself, schoolwork, a relationship, or a particular project.

Accident. To dream of an accident indicate feelings of apprehension and worry. Ancient dream guides tell us that when we dream of accidents, we should be extra careful in our day to day lives for a while.

Accordion. To dream of an accordion indicates a light, spirited mood in which you feel almost anything is possible!

Ache. To dream of having an ache (which I’d describe as less than what you’d categorize as pain but certainly more than what you’d categorize as comfortable) indicates that you have a dull, steady uneasiness or lack of comfort with an area of your life or with an individual in your life. Something doesn’t “set right” with you.

Actor/Actress. To dream of an actor or actress has a great deal to do with the particular actor or actress (or any star or athlete, for that matter). Ask yourself what your feelings of this person are. Do you like them? Love them? Admire them? Loathe them?!?! Whatever your emotions are toward this individual pretty much sum up the dream’s interpretation. They’re simply serving as a symbol for this emotion or feeling.

Adam and/or Eve. If you dream of Adam and Even – or one or the other – you have a strong desire to be first in something, possibly even first in a certain someone‘s heart.

Adultery. If you dream that you have been unfaithful or that your loved one has been unfaithful, the dream interpretation is this: There is a lack of trust somewhere. You either do not trust someone in your life or you are frustrated that they do not seem to trust you. This person may or may not be your romantic partner – it could be a sibling, parent, child, co-worker, friend, teacher, etc. It in no way indicates that you desire to cheat or that anyone is cheating on you. It’s more about trust than lust.

Afraid. To dream that you are afraid indicates apprehension in your day to day life. There is at least one thing in your life that you are somewhat afraid of – either that it will happen or that it won’t happen. Your dream is allowing your brain to act out on its fears and worries. Unfortunately, when given the go ahead to do so, the unconscious mind goes full out and rivals the most frightening movie!

Africa. Exotic! Exciting! These are just a few words associated with the beautiful continent of Africa. Unfortunately, most of us will never be able to spend time on an exciting safari expedition or have the luxury of exploring any of Africa’s infamous countries. When we dream of such a far away, grand place, we are wanting to “open up” our world. We may, or may not be, looking for excitement and adventure – we just want to see something different. The traveling we actually want to do could be as simple as taking a trip to the next town to visit friends or family.  Our mind “takes hold” of the words “trip” and “travel” and produces its own grandiose suggestion!

Agatha Christie. To dream of Agatha Christie (or an Agatha Christie mystery) suggests there is something in the dreamer’s life that is “unsolved” or “unresolved.” While this could also mean that there is something mysterious to the dreamer, more times than not, it’s the actual “solution” or “detective work” that the dreamer is after. If murder, explicitly, is involved, see what does it mean to dream about murder?

Agony. To feel great agony in your dream means that you have been agonizing over a particular decision. It indicates that you are more “torn” than you ever realized.

Air. Dreaming about the open sky or air is an indication that all is “clear” and agreeable in your life at the time.

Airport. Dreaming of airports is a sign of transition and change. You have either experienced a transition or change or one is coming.

Albino. Someone who is referred to as an Albino has the rare condition albinism. The rarity of this condition is one of the most obvious meanings behind the dream. When we dream of rare people or situations, we have recently felt we were, ourselves, rare, or were in a situation that was very rare.  You may have even thought or said, “Well, this is rare…” recently.

If the individual’s skin in your dream is markedly white, and this is what stands out to you the most, then your dream interpretation will lie in the color white. Please see our dream color chart for further interpretation of this color.

If you dream of a precious baby with albinism (or even a precious animal), it implies that you wish to rescue, save, or help someone or something. It could even indicate that you have recently done so.

Alcohol. To dream of alcohol indicates a need for escapism – a need to just get away from it all. It could be work, money trouble, relationship strains, or any number of things that you want a temporary escape from. It could also be a particular aspect about yourself – you may wish you were more outgoing, more fit, richer, calmer, etc. The dream interpretation would be that you wanted to “escape” this side of yourself. This is especially true if you’re drinking excessively and/or are embarrassed by your drinking in the dream.

Alien. To dream about aliens is an indication that there’s something about yourself that you feel is different (“alien” to others). It’s more than likely something that is an issue, at least in your mind. You sometimes wonder if others understand or “get” you.

Alligator. (Also Crocodile) Alligators and crocodiles represent very imposing enemies – this could be another individual or even a situation or goal. Some people “animalize” situations in life, such as disappointments, broken promises, lost dreams, lost jobs, money problems, etc. An alligator or crocodile usually represent something pretty large that the dreamer feels has attacked him/her or could possibly attack.

These animals could also appear in the dreams of people who frequently watch shows such as Swamp People or other shows/movies/games involving these animals.  See Also: What Does My Alligator Dream Mean?

Altar. Altars in a dream are symbolic of something you value highly and treasure. Only the dreamer knows for sure what treasure the altar is referring to but other symbols in the dream usually point to the treasure – like a treasure map!

Ambulance. When we think of ambulances, we think of the highest sense of urgency you can imagine. This dream symbol implies that there is a sense of urgency (perhaps even nearing panic) in your life. This dream means that it’s time to confront what’s making you so anxious.

America. Dreaming of America is symbolic of freedom.  For an American, it can be a symbol of patriotism and gratitude for living in the “land of the free and home of the brave.”  For non-Americans, it can mean a desire to be free, accepted for who you are, and to have the freedom to do what you want to do and say what you want to say!

Amputation. To dream of having something personally amputated (or to dream of someone else being amputated) is symbolic of loss. The same is true if you dream of losing a tooth or loosing your hair.  You have probably recently lost something or someone who meant a lot to you.  The loss could have been an emotional loss – such as the loss of a friendship, a relationship, trust in someone, or belief in yourself.   It could also refer to the loss of a dream or goal.

Anchor. To dream of an anchor means that you are aware of something currently going on (or something you feel WILL happen) in which you need to “hang tight!”  You may feel anxious about something in your life that you aren’t sure you can handle.  Dreaming of an anchor is sort of your mind’s way of reminding you that you need to stay grounded and not lose your footing.

Angels. Dreaming of angels is as memorable as any dream can be. Their awesome beauty and power mean more to us than we can verbalize.  Dreaming of angels can actually take on several meanings.  It all depends upon what’s going on in the dream and what your emotions are not only IN the dream but immediately upon WAKING.

Also, the appearance of the angels is very telling.  If the angels are dressed in dark clothing and/or appear angry or upset, you have undealt with negative emotions in your life; whether it’s anger, fear, guilt, sadness, grief, or any other unpleasant, unproductive emotion.

If the angels are dressed in light clothing and/or appear happy and peaceful, you are in a very good place in your life.  You feel at peace with the world around you… almost angelic!

During the dream in which angels appear, pay the most attention to how you feel when you see them.  This emotion (as well as the one you experience when you first awaken from the dream) is TIED to the emotion being dealt with in the dream.  If you are fearful of the angels, you have some sort of undealt with fear, anxiety, or apprehension in your life.  If you are at peace with them, you are at peace with life.

Anger. If you are the individual who is angry in your dream, you are “acting out” hostility that you have in your heart and mind toward another.  You feel like you can’t possibly say what you want to in the REAL world, so you lash out in your sleep to “vent” and “release” the inner hostility.

If others are angry at you, it is often symbolic of either guilt that you feel about something you’ve done or a fear of being caught for something you’ve done or are considering doing.

It’s worth noting that, very often, the individual we are angry at in our dream (or the one who is angry at us) isn’t even involved in the real world scenario. They’re just there to help represent what’s important, which is the emotion ANGER. In our dreams, 9 times out of 10 the emotion is much more important than any other clue or symbolism.

Animals.  Please see the Dream Dictionary page for the specific animal in your dream.  

Antiques. The dream interpretation for antique dreams depends almost entirely upon the emotions you felt during the dream. If you felt mostly sad during the dream (and after you awoke), you have been missing something or someone from the past.  If you felt mostly positive in the dream, you probably have recently thought about something or someone from the past – in a positive, healthy way.  If you felt anger in the dream, you have resentment issues, either toward something someone did to you or something you did which you regret.

Argument. To dream of an argument (conflict, disagreement, fight….) symbolizes strife in your life. You are either at odds with someone else or with yourself and fear that it will all soon come to a head. Here’s something pretty interesting, the bigger the combat in your dream, the stronger you feel about this conflict. If it is a small fight between two people, it’s a pretty small deal. However, if it’s on the scale of a full-out army battle, you are pretty stressed about it, indeed!

Very often, to dream of such a conflict indicates conflicting emotions or actions within the dreamer. He or she may feel that their actions aren’t lining up with their feelings and this may cause them to be very conflicted and annoyed with themselves.

Azure. Azure is a shade of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear day. Blues are generally associated with peacefulness and Spirituality in dreams. To dream about Azure would most likely be a Spiritual type of dream, especially if the dreamer is aware that the color is “sky blue.” Please see our dream color chart for further interpretation of this color.

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.