Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean to Dream About a Church?

What Do Church Dreams Mean?
First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates on Dream Prophesy lately. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and seemingly endless work that had to be done on my other websites, I have gotten woefully behind on dream interpretations.

I WILL get caught up, however.. and it starts today!

Have you ever had a dream about a church? Whether it’s your own church, a church you attended as a child, or simply a church you’ve seen – church dreams have a specific interpretation all of their own.

It’s first important to think about things we associate with churches:

  • God
  • holiness
  • peace
  • sanctity
  • comfort
  • safety

A church is a symbol of God and is, therefore, one of the most holy and sacred symbols we have. Other religious symbols include…

  • the Cross
  • the Holy Bible
  • John 3:16
  • Heaven
  • Preachers, Priests, Nuns…

While each of these religious symbols (in life and in dreams) can point to God, Jesus, our faith, hope, beliefs, eternity, Spirituality, and Christianity – a church takes it one step further.

Dreaming of a church has more to do with how we FEEL than anything else.  Churches conjure up feelings of comfort, peace, contentment, and most of all SAFETY.

To dream of a church indicates either a feeling of safety and peace or a longing for safety and peace.  To differentiate between the two in your own personal dream interpretation, you have to look at the rest of the dream

Was the dream peaceful and, upon wakening, did you feel peaceful, safe, and content? Most of the time, this indicates that you feel safe in your day to day life.

If the dream was chaotic, troublesome, and confrontational, and you awoke with negative feelings – it indicates that you are searching for peace and safety.

As with all dreams, nothing is set in stone and other dream symbols could affect your own personal interpretation. This is just a general interpretation for church dreams and the symbolism for churches in dreams.

As always, sweet dreams!

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