C Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary: Dreams Beginning with C

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Cab. (Or Taxi) Cabs and Taxis are associated with travelling – more specifically, with travelling fast.  This could imply that the dreamer wants, very much, to get somewhere fast. This could be “to get ahead in their career” or could imply a physical move from one place to another. A student who dreams of a cab/taxi could very well simply want to get the school year over with or to advance from one grade level or semester to the next.  Because Cabs and Taxis are so associated with the color yellow, be sure to see our Dream Color Chart to learn more about the color yellow’s interpretation.

Cabbage. This one is a really difficult dream symbol to pin down. The reason is the fact that cabbage means so many different things to so many different people. We’ll look at a few possibilities below – find the one you most associate with cabbage.

  • When cooking, cabbage isn’t known for smelling very good. What’s more, some people simply hate the taste. For these reasons, cabbage can imply something unsavory in the dreamer’s life. Something that they, probably recently, have found to “stink” or something they don’t want but are unsure how to avoid.

  • Cabbage is often slang for money – if this slang is familiar to you, cabbage in your dream could symbolize money.
  • Cabbage, to a cook such as myself, is notorious for having many layers. When separating the layers – OR when grating cabbage for slaw – you find yourself up against a time-consuming chore. If you’re familiar with this aspect of cabbage, it could indicate that you are, yourself, currently involved in a tedious process. You may even be “stripping away at layers,” so to speak.
  • Many times, in our dreams, the truly important symbolism involves the color of the thing in question. Cabbage is just one of the many things our brains associate with the color green, so your dream interpretation may lie more in the color than the object, itself.  Be sure to see our Dream Color Chart to learn more about the color green’s interpretation.

Cabin. A cabin is generally symbolic of a retreat or escape. Dreaming of a cabin indicates that the dreamer is looking for refuge from something or someone. Whether they’d like very much to get away from school, work, or a problematic co-worker… make no mistake about it, the dreamer needs an escape!

Cactus. Cactus dreams are fascinating. They usually mean that the dreamer has recently found a way (or made a way) to survive something or overcome something. However, the dream interpretation can also be that the dreamer’s apprehensive (or worried) about an upcoming “prickly” situation. Only the dreamer would be able to say, for certain, which meaning their dream holds.

If the green color of the cactus stands out to you, be sure to see our Dream Color Chart to learn more about the color green’s interpretation.

Carols or Carolers. To dream of Carols, Carolers, or Caroling probably implies the dreamer’s excitement (or longing) for Christmas. It could also by symbolic of the dreamer’s desire to express themselves better or to open up lines of communication with someone.

Cats. The meaning of cat dreams lies entirely in the dream, itself. There are many different dream interpretations because we associate so many different things with cats. If the cat(s) or kitten(s) are relaxed and content, the dream analysis is similar for you. You feel content, happy, and possibly even feel that you’re living the “good life.” If the cat is noticeably pampered, fat, or entitled, this interpretation is even more intense. You are feeling like something of a fat cat, yourself!

If the cat is angry or poses a threat, the dream indicates that you are either apprehensive or scared of something or you’re harboring a great amount of anger or resentment.

If you have a fear of cats or are greatly allergic to them, a dream about cats probably indicates anxiety and, possibly, stress.

If you dream of a black cat and feel that the color of the cat is the most important thing about the dream, you have recently thought about things such as “luck,” “Omens,” and/or “mysteries.”  Those of us who have black cats in our family, however, can’t necessarily use these same interpretations. After all, to us, a black cat is simply a member of the family!

For more information about your cat dream, find out what the color of the cat means on our What Colors Mean in Dreams page.

Catastrophe. To dream of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, or floods indicates that something in our life is “out of control” and we feel completely helpless and at its mercy. These disasters could symbolize a fear that something will “blow your world apart,” “carry you away,” “destroy you and everything you love,” etc.

Many people have a sense of dread about something in their life and this will cause a disaster or catastrophe themed dream.

Cemetery. We have an entire article dealing with Cemetery Dreams! Please see What does it mean to dream About a cemetery?

Choking. To dream of choking could be a feeling of concern for health (for yourself or someone you love), but it usually symbolizes a feeling of anxiety.  More times than not, if a dreamer experiences or sees choking in his/her dream it indicates that they aren’t completely confident that they’ll succeed in something they’re currently striving to do. Somewhere inside of them is the fear they will “choke.”

Think of a choking dream as your brain’s way of reminding you to prepare as much as you can and to do everything in your power to make your confidence stronger.

Church. To dream of a church indicates either a feeling of safety and peace or a longing for safety and peace.  To differentiate between the two in your own personal dream interpretation, you have to look at the rest of the dream – specifically at your emotions during the dream (and even upon wakening). The more “negative” the emotions felt/feel, the more the interpretation leans toward you LOOKING for peace and safety as opposed to already having it. Read more about church dreams by clicking the link.  See Also: See the final notes under the Abbey entry, as they can apply here under certain circumstances.

Clever. If you dream that you are “clever,” you either recently felt clever or felt you lacked cleverness. If you dream someone else is clever, there is someone you’ve recently admired for being clever. This clever person may or not be the one in the dream.

Clover. A clover is symbolic of luck in dreams – the dreamer either feels lucky or is looking for a little luck. Because it’s such a strong symbol for the color green, you should also see what the color green in dreams means on the Dream Colors page.

Coin. If you dream of a coin or coins, the dream generally means that you’re feeling pretty lucky. If the number of coins stands out to you as important, ask yourself what the number means to you. If there was one coin, the interpretation may be a feeling of loneliness, solitude, or even individuality. If there were two, it could indicate a loving relationship (if applicable) or the longing for such a relationship.  If the number of coins correlates to the number of children you have, it speaks to your love and/or concern for them.

Cold. If the feeling or word “cold” stands out to you from your dream, the interpretation is one of three things:

  1. You were cold while asleep and the feeling found its way into your dream.
  2. You feel that you’re being unnecessarily “cold” to someone or about something.
  3. You perceive that someone else is treating you coldly.

College. (University, Tech School) Dreaming of a university, college, or tech school can mean several different things.

  1. If you are a student at one of these institutions, you really can’t read much into the dream’s location. It’s perfectly normal to dream of a place you spend time at.
  2. If you are a high school student and dream of a college, this indicates that you are thinking about your future – trying to determine what you want from life and what is best for you.
  3. If you are older and dream of an educational institution, it could simply mean that you miss something about the period of time in your life you spent in school.
  4. Some people dream of universities when they’re contemplating going back to school or learning something new.

Colors. Please see our Dream Colors page for the meanings of colors in dreams.

Comb. To dream of combing your hair or that of someone else’s often indicates a desire for calmness in your life. It can also indicate a desire to “comb out” details and bring more order to a situation.

If, while combing, you run into a tangle – it denotes an obstacle in your daily life that you want to address.

If hair falls out, it is symbolic of something you fear is out of your hands and it is very frustrating for you.

Combat. To dream of a combat (or argument, conflict, or fight) symbolizes strife in your life. You are either at odds with someone else or with yourself and fear that it will all soon come to a head. Here’s something pretty interesting, the bigger the combat in your dream, the stronger you feel about this conflict. If it is a small fight between two people, it’s a pretty small deal. However, if it’s on the scale of a full-out army battle, you are pretty stressed about it, indeed!

Very often, to dream of such a conflict indicates conflicting emotions or actions within the dreamer. He or she may feel that their actions aren’t lining up with their feelings and this may cause them to be very conflicted and annoyed with themselves.

Conflict. See Combat above.

Crafts. Dreaming about making some type of craft (building, gluing, sewing, painting, etc) has two different interpretations. Usually it is one or the other and the dreamer is the only one who can say for sure. The two possible dream analyses are below:

  • Dreaming of working with crafts could be symbolic of the word “crafty.” The dreamer may feel that they need to be crafty OR have recently been crafty. Then, too, they may feel that someone else is being crafty and possibly deceptive.
  • When you dream of creating something, such as a craft, it often means you feel the need to fix something and make it right. Often, if you dream of gluing, knitting, or nailing something it indicates there is something you think of as “broken” in your life and you want desperately to “fix” or “mend” it. If, in the dream, the craft doesn’t go well, it indicates a great deal of frustration in your life – you want so desperately to fix what’s broken but haven’t made any progress, yet.

Crazy. If, upon waking from your dream, one of the words you associate with the dream is “crazy,” this implies you’ve recently felt this way about something or someone. Maybe a person didn’t make sense to you and you used this word to describe them (even if it was just a thought). It could be that life just seems crazy to you lately. Basically, something doesn’t make a lot of sense to you in your day to day life and this is implied in your dream.

If you dream that you are the one who could be described as, “crazy,” it implies that there is something about you that you don’t quite understand. Been there!

Crocodile. (Also Alligator) Crocodiles and alligators represent very imposing enemies – this could be another individual or even a situation or goal. Some people “animalize” situations in life, such as disappointments, broken promises, lost dreams, lost jobs, money problems, etc. An alligator or crocodile usually represent something pretty large that the dreamer feels has attacked him/her or could possibly attack.

These animals could also appear in the dreams of people who frequently watch shows such as Swamp People or other shows/movies/games involving these animals.

Cut. If you dream that you have been cut, you see a cut, or you are cutting something – the dream interpretation is that you want to cut through something to get to what you need. This could be “red tape,” steps that seem unnecessary to you, or anything that you want to cut through. This could also be indicative of wanting to “cut in line” – again it implies you want to cut through and just get to what matters most.

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.