G and H Dream Meanings

Dream Dictionary: Words Beginning with G and H

Ghost dreams generally freak dreamers out, and for good reason. However, the dream interpretation is actually pretty simple.

When using the Dream Dictionary Guide, be sure to “look up” each dream symbol, color, and number you remember from your dream as well as the emotions you felt or encountered during the dream AND upon wakening from the dream. All of these are clues that’ll help you piece together the puzzle that is your dream’s meaning and interpretation.


Gambling.  If you dream of gambling, the dream’s meaning lies entirely in YOUR personality.  If you are a very reckless and carefree individual, to dream of gambling is your subconscious mind’s way of reminding you that sometimes you need to slow down a little.  There are many times in life when it’s best to be cautious and you have to be serious about life.  It’s not always a game, and (deep down) you realize that.  On the other hand, dreamers who are overly cautious in real life will often dream of gambling – but the interpretation for them is entirely different.  When an overly cautious person dreams of gambling, it’s their subconscious mind’s way of reminding them that sometimes they need to loosen up and take chances.

Remember, dream symbols are a highly personal thing.  Your dream interpretation depends upon what the symbol means to YOU.  To an overly cautious person, gambling is an extreme activity – one they perceive as a great risk.  However, to a risk taker, gambling is symbolic of their way of life!

Gas. Since there are many different forms of “gas,” we need to look at each one individually.

  • Gasoline – if you dream that you are putting gas into a vehicle, it is symbolic of wanting to get something started or “going.” It can mean you’re looking for more energy from yourself or someone or are simply looking for the opportunity to get something going that you’re excited about.
  • Gas leak – if you dream of danger from a gas leak (or anything bad that involves gas or gasoline), it indicates that you perceive danger somewhere. It’s doubtful that this danger involves gas or gasoline – it is simply symbolic of the danger you fear or perceive.
  • Gas – as… er… a in bodily function. This symbolizes that someone is “full of air” or the dreamer recently experienced a “false alarm” or got their hopes up for nothing.

Ghost. Dreaming of ghosts is about as unsettling as it gets. Sadly, most people have the wrong idea about ghost dreams. When the average dreamer dreams about a ghost or ghosts, they think something bad’s about to happen – either to them or someone they love. I wrote a post on the dream blog about what ghost dreams mean (click the link to learn why these dreams shouldn’t scare you!).

Ghost dreams can simply mean that you are “haunted” by something. Unsettling? Sure. But ghost dreams are not a bad omen and really aren’t any reason to fret. Try to put it behind you and walk away. Dwelling on bad dreams only allows them to stick around even longer.

Giant. To dream of a giant indicates that there is something you feel overwhelmed by. This thing looms large for you and you feel as though you are out-matched and out of your league. It makes you feel small, by comparison. Giant dreams are a perfect indication of how we can use dreams to help us – as this dream could serve as a reminder for the dreamer to prepare himself/herself and do all they can to increase their confidence and put the odds back in their favor!

Glue. Glue, in a dream, has to do with “sticking” with something or “sticking beside” someone. It could be that the dreamer was recently told, “Stick with it” or “Stick by me.” The dreamer could have also told someone to “stick with it” or that they will “stick to it.”

Glue in a dream could also indicate a desire to fix or mend something.

Gold. To dream of gold indicates the dreamer’s success or the dreamer’s desire for money or the wonderful things money can buy.  Also see the Colors in Dreams page.

Google. If you dream of the search engine Google, it indicates you are looking/searching for something – this could be answers, a loved one, a romantic partner, more money, job security, better grades, answered prayer… the options are endless.

Gorilla. Any type of large animal usually means something large is looming before the dreamer. This could be a big task, a big disappointment, big promotion, big “deal” at work, etc. The gorilla symbolizes “big” or “large.”  Gorillas generally aren’t an animal we tend to fear as much as we are in awe of them – so rarely does a gorilla symbolize fear. However, if you have a phobia of them, your dream would certainly be the exception.

Graveyard. We have an entire article dealing with the subject of cemeteries and graveyards in dreams. Please see What does it mean to dream about a cemetery (or graveyard)? for your dream interpretation.

Green. Please see our Colors in Dreams Page.

Gum. If you dream of gum (on the pavement, on or under a table, on your shoe…), it alludes to a “sticky situation” in your daily life. If you are chewing the gum, however, it suggests a carefree attitude you possess about something or someone in particular.

If someone is chewing gum and you are not bothered by it, you are at peace with the majority of your relationships. However, if someone is smacking or popping their gum and, understandably, annoying you by doing so, there is probably at least one relationship in your life you aren’t entirely at peace with. It would suggest that someone in particular gets under your skin – more specifically that they have at least one thing they do that drives you up the wall.


Hail.  Dreaming of hail or hail storms is a pretty extreme dream and fairly uncommon.  It’s one of those dreams, however, that really stand out to the dreamer, which is an indication that the subconscious mind really wants to make a point!  I think of hail in dreams as sort of a neon arrow – pointing to the emotion or meaning that the subconscious mind is REALLY getting at.  The hail, itself, probably isn’t what’s really important in your dream. It’s possible at it’s simply a way your subconscious mind knows you’ll remember the dream. It’s an attention-getter AND is something so uncommon that you’re sure to remember it.

So how do you arrive at what really is important?  Look past the hail.  What was your overall emotion during the dream, and even after you first woke up from the dream?  Were you excited, angry, scared, anxious, happy, etc?  It’s this emotion that the neon sign (also known as hail) is pointing to.

Also, look at other dream symbols you remember from the dream. If the hail damaged something in particular, ask yourself what the damaged item means to you.  Your subconscious mind could be afraid of losing what this thing represents to you.

Hair. Hair is, for whatever reasons, a symbol of our attractiveness  – more specifically, how attractive we feel we are to others.  Usually, dreaming of losing your hair or dreams about your hair falling out indicate insecurity about your attractiveness, or at least some aspect of your attractiveness. However (and this is a pretty big however, especially if the dreamer is a male): Dreams of losing your hair can also indicate that you fear you’re losing your handle on a particular situation.  I even had a dreamer once who’s hair loss dream actually resulted from a feeling that he was losing his mind!  He had, apparently, been working so hard in his college classes (while working 2 part time jobs) that he half-seriously had told his mom he thought he was losing his mind.  Later that night, he dreamed that he noticed that he was losing his hair.

His hair was simply symbolic of his mind.

Hood. If you dream of a hood, the implication is concealment. We associate hoods with protecting ourselves – usually protecting ourselves from being seen. To dream of a hood suggests there is something you want to hide, in the vein of self-protection or self-preservation.

Hoodie. If you dream of a hoodie, the meaning could go one of two ways. Hoodies are, without a doubt, very fashionable and popular. To dream of one could simply signify a desire to express your style. However, with tragic and heartbreaking events over the past several years, hoodies entered the mainstream conversation as a controversial piece of clothing. While it sounds like utter nonsense to most of us, hoodies became a topic for debate – were they “associated with bad kids..”

Hook. This is, oddly enough, one of my favorite dream symbols/interpretations. For whatever reason, I just think it’s about as cool as it gets. Dreaming of a hook indicates that there is something or someone you want to draw closer to yourself. This could be a fish hook, Captain Hook’s arm, or even an uncommonly large hook.

Hoop. To dream of some type of hoop could mean one of several things. We’ll look at the most common interpretations below.

  1. Dreaming of a hula hoop could mean you are nostalgic about your childhood. Maybe you miss the fun carefree days of your childhood or simply miss family members who have passed away.
  2. Dreaming of a hoop can indicate that you feel you’re going around in circles in life –  there may be some situation in which you just aren’t getting anywhere and it’s frustrating for you.

Horoscope. If a horoscope comes into play in your dream, it symbolizes mystery as in unsolved problems or unanswered questions.  If it is a specific horoscope sign that you associate with someone in particular, the mystery surrounds them.  If it is your own horoscope sign, the unanswered questions could involve pretty much anything!

Horseshoe. Unless you are someone who works with horses on a daily basis, a horseshoe in your dream symbolizes luck  -luck that you’d like to see come your way for something in particular.  If you work with horses, this simply symbolizes that work is on your mind.

Hospital. Dreaming of a hospital indicates that healing, pain, illness, or an accident is on your mind. This could be something you’re fearful of or could involve an incident or illness in the past few months.

In rare cases it could involve an accident, injury, or even death years ago – but you would have had to have thought about it in recent days.

Hug. If you dream that someone hugs you or that you hug someone, it suggests a need for attention and affection in your life.

If you dream that someone wants to hug you and you turn away, it indicates that you have a wall up emotionally.

Hungry. If you dream that you are hungry, it symbolizes something in your life that you feel you lack. This could be something lacking in your career, finances, love life, education, or even closet!

This is also one of those “halfway” dreams where you’re halfway between conscious and unconscious – if your stomach is empty and your brain is beginning to register the fact that it’s hungry, it will incorporate this detail into your dream.

Hurry. To dream that you are rushing or in a hurry indicates a desire to “speed up” something or someone in your life.

A REMINDER: The Dream Dictionary is a very “fluid” section of Dream Prophesy, in that it is forever changing. I add dream symbols and entries to the dictionary regularly and often even “flesh out” or “add to” old entries. Why? Because symbolisms change regularly.  If the exact same dreams were experienced in, say 1975 and 2015, the interpretations would be vastly different. Different things symbolize different things over time and, therefore, the meanings change. This is why outdated and “ancient” dream guides are inaccurate.  

The only accurate dream dictionary or dream guide is the one frequently updated.