What is Lucid Dreaming?

Can You “Make” Yourself Have Lucid Dreams?

Lucid Dreams are More Vivid Than Regular Dreams
A lot of people just aren’t sure what makes a dream a Lucid Dream.  It’s fairly easy to identify a Lucid Dream.  Consider the profile of a Lucid Dream:

  • A Lucid Dream is a dream in which you realize you are dreaming.
  • Lucid Dreams are more vivid than other dreams.  The yellows are more yellow, the blues are more blue, the emotions are larger, the fear is stronger, and so on.

  • Have you ever seen the movie Vanilla Sky?  This was an example of Lucid Dreams hitting the big screen!
  • During a Lucid Dream, a certain “clue” or “sign” will alert the dreamer that is actually a dream.

Lucid Dreams First Used by Frederik van Eeden

The term Lucid Dream was first used by Frederik van Eeden who used the word “lucid” in the sense of mental clarity. When something tips us off in a dream that it is, in fact a dream, we regain our mental clarity. The clue that tips us off could be seeing someone we realize is deceased, having a magical power such as invisibility, or being able to fly, etc.

Lucid Dreams occur in different “strengths” or “levels.” They’ve gotten a great deal of attention because many people believe we can use them to “control” our dreams and, even, help us solve problems.

Can You Make Yourself Have Lucid Dreams?

The questions on everyone’s mind are, “Can I make myself experience lucid dreams” and “How can I make myself have lucid dreams?!”  There’s a bit of a controversy over this particular subject.

Some dream experts believe you absolutely cannot make yourself experience lucid dreams. They argue that these dreams only occur supernaturally and cannot be provoked or invited in any way.

Personally, I believe that “making” yourself experience lucid dreams isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.  There’s certainly no switch to turn on and you can’t “will” yourself to have lucid dreams.

Having said that, however, I believe you can set the stage for experiencing lucid dream. There are steps you can take to become much more in tune with your dreams and this will, in turn, set the stage for lucid dreaming. Once the stage is set, so to speak, they are much more likely to occur.

I’ve written an article How to Have Lucid Dreams, read the article for 10 easy ways to help set the stage for lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreams Category on Dream Prophesy

In the Lucid Dreams category, watch for many upcoming articles addressing this very premise. As a dreamologist, I am very passionate about Lucid Dreams. I believe they can, like all dreams, give us a lot of insight into our emotions, our thoughts, our core beliefs, etc. A greater sense of self can be gained by paying closer attention to our dreams.

That’s what this site is here for – to help us identify exactly what our dreams mean and what they’re trying to tell us. We’ll learn how to use this information to bring peace into our heart and minds as we build the lives we’ve always… well…dreamed of.

“Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare.” – H.F. Hedge