Dream Prophesy: When Dreams Come True

Do dreams come true?

Are my dreams trying to tell me something?

Does dreaming of death mean that someone’s going to die?

If I dream of losing something, will the dream come true?

What is dream prophesy?!

All viable questions.  All questions dreamologists hear all day long – and dreamers wonder about each night.  The questions are confusing and can be hard to sort out, but the answer is pretty simple, actually…. once you understand the initial contradiction!

Dream Prophesy deals with the phenomenon of your dreams “playing out” or “coming true” in a way.  To be certain, sometimes they do!  President Abraham Lincoln dreamed of being assassinated.  Countless people have dreamed about fighting with a loved one, only to find themselves in the middle of an epic disagreement hours later.

I read (and experience first hand) accounts of fascinating situations of dreams seemingly coming true.  Although I KNOW that we control our own destiny, I also know that our dreams sometimes do come true – or at least come true in some fashion.  If I didn’t believe this, would I have named my dream website Dream Prophesy?


So, you may wonder, why do I countlessly (on this very dream website!) teach and preach that dreams don’t tell the future? That dreams don’t control our destiny?

Here’s the truth… the whole truth…. and nothing but the truth. We DO control our future, our dreams DO NOT.  If we dream of losing something, we don’t necessarily have to lose our keys (or cellphone, papers, book…) on an  upcoming day.  If we dream of losing something, it’s because our mind is recognizing and warning us about something troublesome to it:  We’re overwhelmed and the stage is being set for something to happen – such as losing something.  When we dream about losing things, our mind is telling us to get our sh-– together!

If after having one of these dreams, we actually lose our car keys – we either didn’t heed the dreams warning or didn’t act upon it soon enough.

Here’s another scenario.  I had a dream interpretation request submitted through the contact form about a year ago.  The woman explained that she’d been dreaming that she kept fighting with her husband.  The most recent dream involved divorce and she was greatly troubled by how “real” the dream felt to her.

She wanted to know if this dream meant big trouble for her marriage.  I told her that it did if she didn’t try to fix what was obviously troubling her subconscious mind.  After a few e-mails back and forth, she let the cat out of the bag…. and it was a mother in law!

Seems that her mother in law was causing a few simple little spats between her and her husband.  Her resentment was building and building.  Her dreams were letting her know that she needed to confront these feelings.  Fortunately, she did just that by having a good, long talk with her husband (after baking him his favorite meal and even his favorite cookies…. I hear from such smart people.).

Future trouble was averted – and, as she put it, her husband told her that his mother was becoming a “thorn in” his side as well!

Now, if this dreamer had ignored her dreams – without trying to figure out the meaning behind them, she would not have made this meal, the cookies, or the first move.  She’d have kept going along, quietly, letting the resentment and anger build… until… you guessed it – a huge fight took place.

Then, to a bystander, it would have looked like the dreams came true – that the dreams were prophetic.  Not exactly. We are always in control.

Another scenario:  If a young boy dreams that he has a car wreck, it could be his mind “processing” all the warnings his parents (and possibly even his girlfriend) give him about his speeding.  His mind could be letting him know (while he’s asleep and less likely to protest the idea) that he needs to slow down. If he heeds this warning – the dream prophesy, if you will, and slows down, his risk of having a wreck will go down.

If he doesn’t heed the warning… well, speeding young boys often find themselves in fender benders!

Let’s go back to the White House with President Abraham Lincoln.  He had a famous dream where he was assassinated.  No duh? He was President during a time of total turmoil and upheaval.  He was a highly controversial man during that time.  We know him as nothing but a complete HERO, but some poor souls who didn’t know any better saw him as a villain.

He knew that.  He saw the looks on some haters’ faces, he read the papers, and he (no doubt) even had a few threats.  He knew the possibility and likelihood of being killed existed.  As someone who adores President Abraham Lincoln (I collect everything I can get my hands on related to him in any way) – I sometimes get lost in this thought:  What if he had “heeded” this dream and taken extra precaution.  What if, for the time being – while so many people were still so out of sorts – he’d laid low, upped his protection, etc?

I love to think about what other impacts this man would have had on history.

Sadly, his dream did prove to be prophetic and he was murdered by a cowardly moron.

As with our cookie baking wife, our speedster, and our heroic president – their dreams let them know one thing:  That the STAGE WAS SET for a particular thing to happen.

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