What Does My Dream About My Husband’s Boss Mean?!?!

Relax, the Interpretation isn’t What You Think

I recently had a dream submitted for analysis that was simple and straight-forward: Why did I have a “dirty” dream about my husband’s boss? I don’t find him even the least bit attractive!


Most of the time, dreams – and thereby the dream’s interpretation – can go one of several ways. The reason for this is the fact that our brains (the director of all of our dreams) are the most impossibly complex things in the world. Trying to understand how a brain works is almost impossible.  It’s difficult enough when we’re trying to interpret or analyze our own dreams and our own minds – but when it comes to analyzing someone else’s…. it can seem like an overwhelming task.

All I try to do is lead the dreamer in the direction I think his or her dream is headed and explain to them what their particular type of dream usually means.  Many times, as is the case with this particular type of dream, the analysis and dream meaning can be one of several things.  When the dream has several possible meanings, I always give the dreamer each one and then they, in turn, interpret which one “fits” their particular situation.

When a dreamer has a dream such as the one our dreamer described as “dirty” about someone they are not attracted to – the dreamer is always delighted to know that the interpretation is not a sexual dream at all. I can almost hear the dreamer breathing a sigh of relief right now!

A dream about desire or sex simply points to something the dreamer wants or desires in her/his own life.  Obviously what this something is can only be identified by the dreamer.  I think the thing that most concerns this particular dreamer is the fact that the boss was involved. There’s one of two reasons for this, and neither one means she has a “thing” for him!

  1. What she desires or wants could be related to her husband’s job, and therefore related to the boss. She could want him to make more money, have more time at home, get a raise, etc.
  2. The boss and the husband’s job may have absolutely NOTHING to do with what the dreamer wants.  It’s possible that the husband talked about the boss during the day of the dream and this, alone, gave him a starring role in her dream… disturbingly enough!

As I always try to tell people who have had troubling dreams – we often give them far too much weight.  Very often we dream of someone or something simply because we recently spoke of or thought about them recently.  The danger of  paying too much attention to a disturbing dream is that we FURTHER think about them, inadvertently inviting them back into our “sleep time movies!”

In other words, make peace with a dream and put it behind you.