How to Have Lucid Dreams with a Herbal Bath and Candles Kit

Set the Scene for Lucid Dreaming!

Most of us who are fascinated with dreams, dream interpretation, dream analysis, and the meaning of dreams are equally fascinated with lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dreams in which we feel as though we are very much awake. Lucid dreams seem brighter, louder, more vivid, and more alive than most dreams.

Is it any wonder so many people are asking, “How can I have lucid dreams?!

It’s all about setting the stage and creating an atmosphere where lucid dreams are more apt to occur.  I talk more about setting the stage in an article about lucid dreaming (linked to in the first paragraph above as well as at the bottom of this post) but I’d love to tell you about something that’ll help you create an atmosphere, or scene, in which you’ll invite lucid dreams into your life.

If you’re truly serious in Lucid Dreams, you’ll love the Herbal Bath for Lucid Dreams and Candles Kit pictured above. The Lucid Dreams Herbal Bath is made and hand blended with Organic wild harvested herbs and follows an old recipe, passed down through generations. It induces deep sleep with relaxing powerful scents of the aromatic herbs.

When you have deeper REM sleep, lucid dreaming is more apt to occur.

From the website:
It is excellent for you to receive answers to important questions you may have because the mixture of herbs used gives you vivid and lucid answers to these questions in your dreams. This blend contains: Rose Petals, Mugwort, Rosemary, Lavender Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Hops Flowers, Orris root, Borage and a relaxing blend of pure essential oils. We also included two purple chime candles in the kit and a reusable cotton bag to be used with the mixture in the bath water. The contents in the jar is enough for three or four uses. You can use also this mixture to do dream herbal pillows and use under your pillow to induce fast sleep. It comes with all information you need in how to use the kit. A beautiful iridescent organza bag is included to keep your jar safe when not in use. All our hand blended herbal mixtures are blended and sealed at the time of purchase to ensure freshness.

Product Features

  • Contains 1 (4 oz) jar of herbal bath for Lucid Dreams.
  • Contains 2 purple chime candles.
  • It will help you relax and invite sweeter sleep – the perfect environment for Lucid Dreams.
  • Information on how to use provided. It comes with a iridescent organza bag.

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce

What Are Lucid Dreams?

If you’re interested in lucid dreams and want to know how you can have lucid dreams, yourself, see What are Lucid Dreams on Dream Prophesy. These fascinating dreams are worth the minimal amount of effort it takes for you to “set the stage.” There are steps you can take to improve your chances of having these fascinating and vivid dreams!