Dream Analysis: A Plate Upside the Head Doesn’t Spell Future Headaches

I dreamed about 4 nights ago that my husband and I were fighting so bad that I hit him in the head with a plate. We were yelling and yelling and he was so unreasonable and was saying such mean things that I felt like I had to just shut him up. I am not a violent person and actually don’t even fight with people that much. I argue with my husband sometimes but all marriages have that. But I never hit him with plates. Why would I be so violent in my dream? It is really troubling me. I can’t get the image of the plate and his cut head bleeding so much blood out of my mind. It makes me sick and I don’t know what to do. Is it a bad omen for something happening to one of us or to a big fight. As you can see I am really a wreck over this. Please help me.

First of all, rest assured that there is no omen involved. People often think that, but dreams can’t tell the future. They do, however, often indicate something that is currently going on or something that has gone on. A dream such as this one indicates that there is something “below the surface.” More times than not, if we dream about an open wound (or surgery, pulling teeth… that sort of thing) – our mind is trying to “dig” beneath the surface for something.

In this case, I would be willing to bet that you have been trying to get something across to your husband for a while – something that he either isn’t accepting or simply isn’t “catching.” It could be hints you’ve been dropping for a new sofa, something around the house that you want him to take care of, or something on a grander scale. It could even be a case of wanting him to listen to you or pay more attention to you.

The hit in the head with the plate was pretty much your subconscious mind’s way of saying, “Now I’ve got your attention!!!”

As far as dream symbolisms go, I think that the fact that “so much blood” came out of the wound indicates that you fully expect to be able to get through to him – in your heart you believe that you’ll get to the source of the problem. If, in your dream, you had hit him on the head and nothing had come out, I’d worry that you might be fighting a losing battle and that (down inside) you knew it.

Think about how this relates to your situation. I’d be willing to bet that a light bulb has already appeared!

Again, this is absolutely not an omen for anything. If, by coincidence, he cuts himself shaving or you have an argument about what movie to see Friday night – know this: The dream did not predict or cause either one. Dreams rely on what happened yesterday, not tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!