Closed Signs: Are These “Signs” More Than They Seem?

When Your Dream is Trying to Tell You Something Important

I recently had a dream submitted that involved a very interesting dream symbol: Closed Signs. The dreamer pointed out that they are a recent college graduate who (like a LOT of young people) is struggling a little in their career.

Below is an excerpt from the dream:

2 nights ago i had a dream, i was with my friend in a condo and we were about to leave and i said to the other person in the same room that i will just bring my friend home and we walked towards to the elevator and we found out that the elevator is not working on that floor so we decided that to maybe go down to another floor to ride the we did, we used the stairs and when we
reached another floor down there’s a sign on the door and it says “CLOSED” then, we went down again until we can enter a opened door. But as we go down again, We saw the “CLOSED” sign again and another floor down “CLOSED” sign was there again and then on the 4th floor down there i saw no more “CLOSED” sign and we entered then i woke up after that.

What a frustrating dream! This is one of those instances where the description of the dream (frustrating) sums up feelings the dreamer has recently experienced. It’s as though the subconscious mind uses the emotions of the conscious mind to “set the theme” for dreams.  It picks up on the frustration and more or less runs with it – up elevators, down halls, up stairs, down stairs..

However, I think there might be a little more to it. While it’s clear why your mind created such a frustrating scenario in your dream, I believe it was – in the process – providing you with a little advice.

Before I get to what I personally think this advice was, I just want to reiterate something I frequently say on Dream Prophesy: Our subconscious mind is one of our greatest allies in life.  It has access to all of our struggles, our strengths, our weaknesses, our problems – everything that is US and everything that is OUR WORLD. The subconscious mind knows everything our conscious mind does – but it has a “superpower,” if you will.

It doesn’t get in its own way!

That’s why it is so vital to interpret our dreams (or to have someone do it for you, of course).  Our dreams are basically our subconscious mind painting a picture for us and, many times (if not most of the time), we can find valuable clues and priceless advice within the picture it paints.

In this particular dream, I believe the dreamer’s subconscious mind is saying, “Keep looking for the answer…”  Furthermore, because of the nature of the dream, I believe the subconscious mind is also saying, “Look places you haven’t yet looked.”

We can EVEN go a little deeper.  Because there were “levels” in the dream – clearly indicated by stairs and elevators – I believe the subconscious mind is encouraging the dreamer to “look up” and possibly even to “aim higher.”  Why? Because all of the “downs” were closed!

When a dream presents us with clear options (up… down or hot… cold, etc), many times the clue to the dream’s interpretation is in the choice that was successful in the dream OR, by process of elimination, the choice that was unsuccessful in the dream.

Obviously, when you have a dream like this, it doesn’t mean to march into work on Monday morning and demand a raise. I’m pretty sure telling your boss, “But my dream said aim higher!” won’t win you the title employee of the month! However, a dream like this can serve as motivation and inspiration to aim higher, look up, and keep on keeping on.

The key dream analysis here is to look UP, aim HIGHER, and… whatever you do… don’t “lower” your expectations or get DOWN… because there isn’t anything for you there… it’s all CLOSED!

Thanks so much for submitting your dream – when dreamers do so, inevitably other dreamers are helped by their interpretation.