What We Can Learn From the Things We Say and Do in Our Dreams

Did you ever have a dream where you did or said something completely out of character for you?  I’m sure you have, in fact, we probably all have at one time or another.

  • A shy, soft-spoken person will dream of telling off an obnoxious co-worker.
  • An extrovert will dream of a situation in which she was shy and unsure of herself.
  • A daredevil will dream of being terrified.
  • A total chicken will dream of soaring to new heights.

  • The quietest man in the office will dream of being the life of the next office party.

And so on.  In our dreams, we often “dare to go there.”  The reason is this:  Our inhibitions are totally down and the fears and reservations we experience in our daily lives simply don’t exist.  We are invincible!

While the occasional dream may not carry much in the way of a life lesson, if we regularly dream of stepping outside of our comfort zone, our subconscious may be dying to do just that.  Every now and again, examine your dreams for a pattern – especially if you possess traits in your dream that you seem to lack when you are awake.  It may be time to open up a different side of yourself and take a few chances.

Our subconscious often craves the unexpected from us.  The same-o, same-o can drag on and like a long-winded high school teacher.  If your subconscious seems to be telling you to loosen up and “step livelier,” take its breath away by doing a dance.