What Dreams Mean: Dreaming of Holidays and Christmas

I’ve gotten a recurring question lately:  “What does it mean to dream about Christmas (holidays)?”  Of course, there’s the obvious influence of all the Christmas lights, music, and gifts everywhere now – as well as the Thanksgiving and Christmas commercials and decorations.

However, it actually goes deeper than this.

Whether we dream about holidays and Christmas around November and December, the dream symbols mean pretty much the same things.

Dreaming about holidays is similar to dreaming about vacations: They’re indications that the dreamer needs a break from his/her day to day grind.  Dreaming of holidays means that the dreamer is feeling stressed, anxious, and over-worked.

This dream analysis would indicate that the dreamer needs to do all he or she can to slow down.  They need to realize that their dream is trying to tell them something and they’d be very wise to heed the message.  Even if it means taking just 30 minutes each day or evening to do nothing but relax and unwind… pretty much giving their mind the “holiday” it craves.

Naturally,  a few days would be a wonderful luxury, but that isn’t always possible.  Think of it this way, if you take 30 minutes each night, and do so for the rest of your life… you’ll be WAY past the “few days” holiday!

One other implication of Christmas dreams is this: Sometimes life gets chaotic and hectic for adults.  It’s not easy being a grown up and often we crave the carefree, happy, and fun existence of our childhood.  What better time is it to be a child than Christmas?!

If this sounds like it could be your dream interpretation, try to incorporate more fun and, yes, even more play into your life.  Instead of teasing your kid(s) about their video games, play with them and/or buy your own.   You know what they say about all work and no play!

Holiday and Christmas Dream Symbols

The symbols of Thanksgiving and Christmas simply support everything we’ve discussed above.  Anything related to the holidays – wreaths, trees, angels, Santa, baby Jesus, the Nativity Scene, snowmen, gingerbread men, candy canes, bells… – is symbolic of either the need to slow your pace or the need to return to the carefree happiness of childhood.