What Does My Dream Mean? I Woke Up Clutching the Covers…

A dreamer recently asked: “What does it mean to dream of all of the windows of your house being GONE. The window panes weren’t broken in my dream – they were simply missing.  There were curtains hanging on the windows, blowing in the wind but no glass in the windows. It was cold outside in my dream, so I was freezing. I tried to put blankets over the windows, but they blew away. Nothing I tried worked. I woke up literally clutching my bedspread.  Thanks! – Anne B.

Cool dream, excuse the pun! The interpretation for a dream such as this one can actually go one of two ways.  When it comes to analyzing someone else’s dreams, that’s often the case.  Because the dream analyst didn’t experience the dream personally and they aren’t privy to a lot of personal details about the dreamer’s life,  they sometimes can break it down into several possibilities – leaving the dreamer(s) to choose the one that’s most relevant.

When I read the dream, my first reaction was the word “EXPOSED.”  A dream such as this would indicate that the dreamer possibly had something exposed about themselves recently – maybe something they’d done, feelings they have, something they said, etc. The windows being open PLUS the blankets not staying in place seem to back up this interpretation.  Furthermore, it would indicate that perhaps the dreamer had tried to “cover something up” and it wasn’t successful.

The dream could indicate that the dreamer either has been exposed or fears being exposed.

The fact that the dreamer mentions being “cold” is very important here. It would suggest regret and feelings of guilt.  These would, of course, go along with the entire concept of having something exposed.

Another possible analysis for this dream is simply frustration.  Any time we are frustrated in our “real life,” the frustration almost always plays out in our dreams.  We will encounter things (in our dreams) that seem to be against us and will fight against things that seem to constantly get the better of us!  The cold air and blowing blankets would certainly qualify as frustrating foes in the dream above.  It’s entirely possibly (very, very possible in fact) that the dreamer was cold in real life and transferred the physical feeling into her dream.

The subconscious brain could have said, “It’s cold… the windows must be open!”

Only the dreamer, herself, can know for sure which interpretation would fit her own personal situation. Given the fact that she was clutching her bedspread when she woke up leads me to believe it’s probably the second one.

Thanks for submitting your dream Anne B!

I want to thank everyone who submits their dreams for interpretation. By doing so, you allow other dreamers to gain insight into their own dreams. I hope you’ll continue to submit your dreams again and again! However, there’s been a little change in the way I’ll be analyzing dreams.  Please only submit your dreams through e-mail or the contact form if they’re PRIVATE.  If the dreams you want interpreted and analyzed can be shared with others (which is always fun – and a great way to learn about the meanings of dreams!), leave your dream as a comment –  either on the last article on the website or on a dream interpretation that’s in the same ballpark.

Thanks! – Joi