What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Own Death?

Easily, one of the most disturbing dreams you can have revolves around your own death. Some of these dreams involve just KNOWING that you’re about to die. Other dreams actually take the dreamer to Heaven, allowing them to visit with loved ones who have previously died. Many times, when this is the case, it simply indicates that the dreamer has been missing at least one of these loved ones. It can also mean that the dreamer is missing a period of time in their life – one that they shared with this person. Many times we’re kind of nostalgic for our childhoods and we’ll either dream that people from that period of time are still with us, or that we’ve gone to Heaven to see them.

Similar to illness dreams, dreaming of dying isn’t so much about sickness or death as it is about TRANSITION, LOSS, or CHANGE.

Here’s an example:

Claire, from Detroit, e-mailed me about a troubling dream she had about a week ago. She dreamed that she knew she was dying. In her dream, she was watching her husband and children play in the yard and wondered how (after she’d died) she could let them “know” that she was watching over them. She decided that she’d give them “signs.” They each knew that she loved the color orange, that roses were her favorite flower, and that her favorite bird was the oriole. She decided, in her dream, that she’d take these forms every day for her family – to let them know she was still with them.

As it turned out, Claire and her family were going through a lot of changes. Her husband had recently been laid off, their oldest son had been diagnosed with asthma, and a close family member had moved several states away. As the family dealt with many transitions, Claire undoubtedly felt stressed and anxious. She wanted to keep her family strong and do her best to help everyone deal with the changes positively.

When we go through transitions in our lives, we realize that we need to CHANGE inside as we cope with the changes outside. Sometimes we simply have to change the way we look at things – as well as changing our expectations and goals. Death dreams are simply a by-product of these transitional phases of life. They’re entirely normal – and actually kind of therapeutic. For one thing, they remind us that we can handle anything…. after all, we’re still alive!!!

One other cause of death dreams is guilt. Sometimes we say or do something we really wish we hadn’t. The guilt can overwhelm us if we don’t do everything in our power to apologize and make it right. Many times this guilt will become symbolized in our dreams as self-inflicted harm, illness, or even death.

If you’ve had dreams about your own death, rest assured, they are not prophetic – they are simply an indication of stress, change, transitions, or even anxiety. Dreams do not tell the future – they tell the present.