What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Hungry or Wanting More Food?

Here’s a recent dream submitted for dream analysis. The first effect the dream had on me, when I read it last night, was making me incredibly hungry for pancakes! (Guess what I’m making for supper…)

I’ve had a couple of really odd dreams recently and I hope you can tell me what they mean. My first dream was all about being hungry. I was starving in my dream and couldn’t find anything in my home to eat. So I got in a car, I don’t know who’s it was, and drove around town. None of the restaurants were open, so I went to a big grocery store. When I got inside, I realized that the food was fake food. I got into another car (again I don’t know who’s car it was) and drove to a different grocery store. I went in and saw that the food was real food so I got ready to buy some and didn’t have any money!!!  I woke up feeling really frustrated and hungry.  A few nights later I dreamed about pancakes. I made a big batch for me and my wife and daughter. We all ate and ate and ate. They both got full and got up to go into another room. I was still hungry, so I finished off the platter in the middle of the table. Even after about 20 pancakes, with butter and syrup, I still felt hungry, so I went to get the pancake mix box to make more and all of a sudden it was empty – but it had been half full only a minute before.  I can’t help but think there is some connection with these dreams because I woke up feeling similarly frustrated in each. I hope you can help me figure this out so I don’t have another pain in the neck dream. Thank you.


First of all, good call! You are absolutely right, these dreams are connected.  Also, you did a great job of remembering how you felt when you woke up, which gives you bonus points!  Dreams in which we feel hungry are about being unfulfilled.  Generally speaking, there is something “missing” in the dreamer’s life that he or she “hungers” for. (Thirst dreams often have the same translation.)

This lack of fulfillment could be personal or professional.  It could have to do with weight loss or gain, school, work, a relationship, progress in giving up a bad habit, or lack of progress in taking up a good habit. Only the dreamer knows for certain where he or she feels unsatisfied or unfulfilled.

Here’s something else:  In your first dream, you “came close” several times.  You found a grocery store BUT it had fake food (so worthless to an empty stomach!).  Then you found a store with real food BUT you didn’t have any money with you to pay for it.  In your second dream, you “came close” again. This time you had the food.  You ate a good deal and wanted more BUT the box was empty.

These “close calls” indicate that you have probably come very close to fulfilling your heart’s desire, but somehow didn’t quite make it.  Your subconscious mind remembers all too well how close you came!  I believe these dreams are:

  1. Your subconscious mind crying out for what it’s missing.
  2. Your subconscious mind reminding you that you can make it happen, if you stick with it.

Best of luck to you and, again, KUDOS for for your dream smarts!