What Does it Mean to Dream About an Army?

Your Dream’s Telling You Something Very Important

Someone recently told me they’d had a long, epic dream about an army marching through their town. Soldiers came to his door to recruit him in the fight!  The dreamer said he never really saw what – or who – the army was fighting, but he picked up on their fierce determination to win anyway.  Naturally, he was anxious to learn what this dream means and asked for my dream analysis.

To dream of an army, war, battlefield, or even weapons means something very important.  These types of dreams indicate that you feel that you are “up against it” right now.  You have apparently been fighting some type of battle in your life and this dream is your mind’s way of coming to terms with all of the drama.

I’ve heard of people who had army dreams while battling disease, relationship problems, and issues with their job.  I have also heard of people who had similar dreams while battling their own personal battle with something in their life (weight problem, bad habit…).

Only the dreamer can say, for certain, what battle is symbolized in the dream.

This type of dream should be seen as a warning. You’ve probably been pushing yourself too hard (as indicated by the subconscious mind thinking of your situation in terms of a battle!). It might just be time to relax a little and take a new approach to the situation.

On rare occasions, army or battle dreams symbolize a battle you’ve recently won or lost.  Again, only the dreamer knows for sure.