Dreaming About a Squirrel on a Mission: What Does This Dream Mean?

It All Starts with the Mission, Itself…..

What Does My Dream Mean?

I had a dream last night about a crazy squirrel. It was running around me in my dream, gathering up cobs of corn and peanuts that were stashed everywhere in my home. It even went upstairs – with me chasing him. Then he went into a store that was suddenly in my house and started eating everything he could find. I was laughing in my dream but also felt frustrated because I wanted to help him.  Somehow I knew that him getting as much food as possible meant whether he would live or not and I felt helpless.  He started eating cereal out of boxes, jumped on a salad bar and ate everything there and just kept running from one thing to the next. Since I woke up, I have wondered what this dream means.

Why don’t I ever have dreams like that?? I LOVE squirrels! This is one of those dreams where you have to look a little deeper than the surface to find the true meaning.  The meaning of the dream, in this case, isn’t as much about the squirrel (though I’m sure he was a hoot) as it is about what the dream symbol was doing – he was frantically grabbing food as fast and hard as he could.

He, himself, didn’t convey to you (through words) that this food mission was life or death – but you KNEW that it was. Since you are, in fact, the author of the dream, you certainly know how important his mission was!

The fact that you mention the words “whether he would live or not,” we know that the dream has a deeper meaning than just an entertaining squirrel.  If you had said you laughed at the squirrel and hadn’t mentioned feeling helpless or frustrated, I’d have thought it was just one of those crazy dreams that really don’t have as much MEANING as they have ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.  However, your emotions and his eagerness let us know that there is a meaning within the dream.

Many times in dreams, another person (or, yes, a squirrel!) will “act out” our hidden emotions, fears, anxieties, and agendas. If WE, ourselves, did the “acting out,” we wouldn’t be able to be a spectator to the action.

In this case, the squirrel was on a definite mission – it was essential that he complete his mission or he’d suffer consequences. I think this dream means that there is something in your life you feel pretty anxious about. Furthermore, I think it’s something you are trying to “round up, collect, or get enough of.” More likely than not, this would be either money or possibly even groceries – how perfect would the dream symbolism be for that?

In fact, if you’re in an area that has been hit by snow or an ice storm, maybe you’ve been worried about storing enough food in the house.

Thanks for sharing your dream – it’s a perfect example of how fascinating and symbolic dreams can be… even if they’re a little nutty. Sorry.