What Do Dreams of Danger Mean?

i am —— years old (dreamprophesy.com isn’t comfy cozy about giving out ages) and my cousin dreams about goin to a funeral with our grandma and she is in pjs and my grandma is in all black so she wants to go home to change and she wants me to drive the truck back well the truck breaks down so i drive the four wheeler and we end up at her old house with screens on all of the windows cause someone keeps tryin to break in then the guy gets in and she hears me scream so she runs out to the tree house and he gets to her and tries to kill her but it doesnt work so we are frekin out wat does my —— year old (dreamprophesy.com still isn’t comfy cozy about giving out ages) cousins dream mean PLS help me figure it out

Crazy dream, right?  I’d say that at some point in the past (right before your cousin had the dream) he/she was worried about someone getting hurt (either physically hurt or even just getting their feelings hurt),  This person could have been you, but it didn’t necessarily have to be.  Your cousin isn’t sure what she can do – if anything – to protect this person and feels kind of helpless.  This helplessness is what lead to the crazy dream.

There isn’t anything, of course, to worry about.  Sometimes our emotions cause us to have bizarre dreams, but they don’t mean anything dark or dangerous.

Thanks for submitting your cousin’s wild dream!