What Mountain Dreams Mean and Why Dream Analysis is So Important

If you dream of a mountain, your mind is actually “sorting out” a few things in your life. Mainly, these dreams are ways the brain sorts out:

  • obstacles
  • lofty tasks
  • very large challenges

Generally speaking, when we’re faced with what we perceive to be small obstacles or relatively easy tasks and challenges, we don’t have significant dreams about them.  Our mind thinks, “No biggie. I can knock this out!”  However, when the tasks or challenges are large and the obstacles seem all but insurmountable, the brain sort of “lashes out” in sleep.  I think of it as the brain saying, “Seriously?!  I have THIS to deal with?!”

Often, in our daily lives, we become so busy and goal-oriented that we don’t always realize just how intimidated or anxious we are when it comes to challenges.  However, when our pace and our minds slow down, in sleep, the obstacles and challenges finally have a chance to catch up with us.  It’s THEN that the brain can register just how largely they’re looming on the horizon.

Dream analysis is vital and crucial to real self-realization and self-growth.  This type of dream is the perfect example why.

After dreaming of mountains, for example, an individual can take inventory of their life.  The dreamer can sit down, with pen and paper, and write down things that could possibly be represented or symbolized by the mountains in their dream.  Could it be something at work or school? Could it be a particular goal like wanting to lose weight, quit smoking, or learn a new language? Could the mountain symbolize a problematic relationship – one in which the dreamer doesn’t hold much hope for?

When the dreamer identifies the symbolization of the mountain, he or she can then write down ways in which they can proactively deal with obstacles and ways they can find their way to the finish line!

That’s the beauty of dreams, dream interpretation, and dream analysis. Most people just see the FUN side of dreams and finding out what dreams mean. And, make no mistake about it, it is fun!  However, people need to realize that we can use our dreams to open new doors and find new paths to making our dreams come true – whether they’re financial dreams (finding a better job, making more money, starting your own business..), personal victories (losing weight, becoming more outgoing, overcoming bad habits…), relationship-related goals (finding your soul mate, improving your family relationships, improving your romantic relationships, communicating with your children or parents…), or any goal or dream you can think of!

Use your dreams to help you open a whole new world and possibly even a whole new you!