What Do Knife Dreams Mean?

I have gotten a lot of e-mails lately about knife dreams.  It’s perfectly understandable why these dreams unsettle the dreamer.  Many times the dreamer dreams of cutting themself – or, worse, they dream of cutting other people.

Knife dreams leave the dreamer wondering if they’re harboring rage, aggression, or anger.

I’m always happy to assure them that this isn’t the case.  You see, knife dreams are what we call SYMBOLIC dreams.  In dreams, knives are dream symbols for one or more of the following:

  • Wanting to remove something from your life
  • Wanting to remove something from someone else’s life
  • Wanting to give up a habit
  • Wanting someone else to give up a habit
  • Wanting to get someone out of your llife
  • Wanting to get someone out of someone else’s life

Knife dreams simply mean you want something or someone gone…. like yesterday!

Ironically, they do not imply that you are angry or aggressive – rather they imply that you allow things to go on around you without saying as much as you’d like to say.  Very often, the most laid back, easy-going people in the world will dream about knives.  I suppose it’s symbolic of wanting to “cut” things out the easy way!