What Do Collision Dreams Mean?

Plus: Why Recurring Dreams Deserve Extra Attention

What does it mean to dream about colliding with people or things? I had my first dream like this about 3 weeks ago. I was driving a car on a street and suddenly a train (on the road for some reason) came right at me. I woke up right before it hit me.  The next collision dream was about being in a grocery store when a store worker collided her huge cart with my grocery cart. The most recent one got my attention the most though. I was walking in a field when I suddenly realized that I was walking on an old railroad track. Just as my mind registered what it was, I heard a loud train whistle and looked up to see one coming right at me. My feet couldn’t run sideways – they had to stay on the old train track. I couldn’t even turn around to go the other direction. I had to run backwards trying to get away from this big train that was speeding at me. I woke up and sat straight up, breathing deep like I’d been running. It has left me shaken for days.

First of all, let’s look at what collision dreams mean. Ancient dream guides say that dreams like the ones named here are omens to slow down.  The thought is that if your mind is “set” to this type of panic mode, it’s because it is over-stimulated and in need of a rest.

Generally speaking, I read old dream guides with a measure of skepticism – after all, most of them talk about “foretelling” and “omens,” as though dreams are psychic and we don’t have a lot of say in the matter.  I’m certainly not on board with that line of thinking, so I never put FULL trust in ancient dream guides. However, when it comes to dreams such as this – I think they’re right on the money.

A stressed brain will “conjure” up far more stressful dreams than a well-rested, peaceful brain. The same can be said for a dreamer’s brain when the dreamer is sick, injured, or under any sort of grief or prolonged sadness.

Dreams of colliding with other people or objects generally mean the dreamer is “on guard” about something in his/her life.  There is something in  particular that they’re “watching out for.”

I’ve heard of people who have been very unlucky in love having these types of dreams when starting a new relationship.  Bad things have happened in the past and, in an effort to protect themselves, they now “watch” for warning signs.

It doesn’t just have to romantic relationships, of course – it can be jobs, friendships,  finances, health, etc.

Only the dreamer can say for certain, but more times than not, a collision dream indicates that the dreamer is anticipating something coming at them that they want to “brace” against.

The fact that this is a recurring dream, in my opinion, makes it even more important.  When a dream’s “prophecy” is something the dreamer’s brain deems extremely important, it will put the message in reruns in an effort to get its point across. Very often, simply consciously confronting the dream’s meaning will be all it takes to end the recurring dreams.

It’s as though the brain realizes that it got its message across, so it relaxes. I certainly hope that’s the case because a relaxed brain’s dreams are FAR less disturbing!