What Do Anger Dreams Mean?

The Analysis May Surprise You!

A recent dream submitted to me for interpretation:

What does it mean to dream of being so angry that you scream so loud it breaks glass? I had that dream two days ago. I was so angry with my girlfriend and parents in my dream that I screamed at all of them. I screamed so loud all of the windows in the house broke.  Then I picked up a chair and threw it at the wall.  My dad tried to talk to me but I wouldn’t listen. I ran out of the house, but I came back and just fussed more.  The best I can figure out, in my dream I was angry at them for not telling me about something or another.  I’m really not clear about why I was so mad. But I can’t get over how angry and filled with rage I was. I’m not like that in any way in real life. What did this dream mean? – DeAndre

It’s unsettling to dream about ourselves acting uncharacteristically, isn’t it?  Truth be told, it can kind of freak us out.  It reminds me of an e-mail I got from a vegetarian once. She literally threw up one morning because she awoke from a dream where she was eating a steak…. uncooked!

Your dream is a classic example of a “repression” dream.  People who tend to “bite their tongue” a lot or “hold emotions in” are the ones who have these dreams the most.

More times than not the dreamer has recently had a situation in which he/she didn’t voice or express their feelings. Whether they were afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or afraid of rocking a boat, they swallowed their words.

In repression dreams, these words finally find their way out!  What angers the dreamer, in the dream, may or may not have anything to do with what angered them in reality.  Also, the people in the dream who “receive” your outburst aren’t necessarily the ones who angered you in real life, either.  Only the dreamer will know for sure whether they’re innocent bystanders or not.

I hope your dreams will be far nicer right away, DeAndre – you seem like a super guy.

By the way, dreamers, I apologize for a recent issue you may have experienced with Dream Prophesy. It was totally out of my control, but everything’s peachy now.  It was, excuse the pun, a bit of a nightmare.  It’s all great now, though. ??