Prophetic Dreams: When Dreams Seem to Come True

Prophetic, or precognitive, dreams are dreams which seem to come true.  There are almost always explanations for these dreams and I thought it’d be a good time to take a look at a few. While dreams cannot accurately tell the future, at times they do seem to.

In fact, I hear from people every now and then who want to know what it means when dreams DO seem to come true. Below is a sample e-mail:

I know that common sense says that dreams don’t tell the future. I’ve read on your website many times that dreams aren’t prophetic and they don’t tell the future. My brain knows that BUT there have been a lot of times when I dream something and it pretty much comes true.. Maybe not exactly true, but close. Know what I mean?

Like the most recent time this happened. I dreamed that my husband and I had a huge fight over me being friends with my ex husband. In the dream, he yelled and I left the house to go to my mom’s house for the night. About a week later, the huge fight happened. It was because of my friendship with my ex, just like in the dream. I know my husband hates for me to be friends with my ex or to meet him for lunch. The fight was over a lunch we’d had. When I stormed out and got in the car, I thought, “This is just how it happened in my dream.” Can dreams really tell the future? – Chicago Dreamer

This dream is a perfect example of why dreams may seem to be prophetic. First of all, remind yourself that it is YOU who creates the dream, in your subconscious mind. Many times, if you behave in a certain way in the dream, it’s because you know that’s either how you typically behave or how you would behave in that particular situation. In the example above, I’d wager to guess that leaving an argument and going to her mom’s house is the dreamer’s typical response. Therefore, she KNOWS that this is what follows an argument. Naturally, her subconscious mind would create this scenario in her dream.

But how did she know there’d be a fight? Most of the time, people know when something’s “brewing.” We usually know when we’re walking on a thin line or when someone we love is approaching such a line. If we learn to REALLY pay attention to and utilize our dream interpretations, we’ll be able to use these dreams as warnings. They give us a head’s up before something bad happens. It’s then our choice to either heed the advice or shove it to the side and take our chances.

If this dreamer had really analyzed what her dream was trying to tell her (before it was too late), maybe she could have done something to diffuse the situation and avoid the “huge” fight. She even says that she knew her husband hated what she was doing. The dream was a PERFECT time to change the course she was on.

Another dreamer told me that he dreamed he had a car wreck one month and the next month he did.  What are the chances that the young man KNEW he drove too fast and/or didn’t pay attention behind the wheel? Again, dreams can be used as tools for self improvement (and in this case, self protection!).  We simply have to pay closer attention to the dream before it’s too late.  Again, as I said above, we know very well when something is brewing because we’re part of the brewing process.

It’s worth noting that just as some people are nicer or neater than other people, some individuals are more perceptive than other individuals. People who are keenly perceptive and very “in touch” with themselves and others around them are more apt to have these types of dreams.  Perceptive people pick up on emotions, potential problems, and growing tensions easier than other people.  Someone who is very tuned into the world around them is the perfect type of person to have what appear to be prophetic dreams.

These people are luckier than they probably even realize because their dreams give them the perfect opportunity to change their course and, hopefully (to an extent) alter the negative outcome.

  • They can stop doing things they know make other people mad.
  • They can stop doing things that hurt others.
  • They can slow down when behind the wheel of a car (and certainly make sure they don’t text or drive recklessly!).
  • Etc….

Can you see why I’m so excited about dream interpretation?!  We can use our dreams to LITERALLY make our lives and ourselves better.  Have YOU ever had a dream that seemed to come true? Did you ever have a troubling dream, then alter your actions to avoid trouble?  Share in the comments!