What Does It Mean to Dream About a Tree?

Tree Dreams Often Symbolize Life…

A recent reader recently asked for a dream interpretation and dream analysis of a very “vivid” dream.

I recently had a dream about trees.  Trees were the main part of the dream that I can remember. They were surrounding me. The bright and beautiful colors of green are the thing I remember the most.  I did see the sky and trunks of the trees, too – so browns and blue were also in my dream.

I felt so peaceful in my dream. I can’t even describe how cool this dream was. Everything was right in the world for me in my dream. It was just me and a lot of trees.  I kept looking up at them and even thought how they looked like they were touching the sky. Does this seem like a strange dream to you? What does it mean? – Megan

First of all, the dream doesn’t seem at all strange to me – it seems perfectly wonderful! Trees are often symbolic of LIFE in our dreams. While there are exceptions, I believe that your dream is a classic example of this interpretation.

The fact that you “looked up” and noted that they “looked like they were touching the sky” are great news for your dream analysis.  This indicates that you believe that things in your life are “looking up.”  So much so that, in your heart, you believe that “the sky’s the limit!”

This is a very positive dream and you should feel 100 percent good about its meaning.  This dream indicates that you are in a very good place in your life right now and feel very hopeful for the future.

Very often, green in dreams is symbolic of jealousy or envy – but, when the context is a positive one (without any hints of negativity), green symbolizes peace, contentment, and total freedom from doubt and worry.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful dream, Megan, and I hope you have many more just like it!