A Dream Guide You Can Use Within Minutes!

The Meaning of My Dreams

As a dreamologist and someone who is simply fascinated with dreams, I encourage everyone to have as many dream guides and dream resources as possible.


Well, it’s simple, really. Each dreamologist approaches dream interpretation and dream analysis differently.  Some tell you the ancient dream meanings of dreams, which are always a lot of fun.  You know, the ones that say, “If you dream of finding a bag of money, you will have a good experience at work in the coming days.”  I love ancient dream guides like that. I actually have one that I get a great deal of enjoyment from.

Other dream guides are like the one shown here, The Meaning Of My Dreams.  These guides interpret the symbols and hidden meanings in your dreams to help you interpret what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

You can’ t have too many of these guides.  In fact, I feel that you should buy every dream guide you ever see!

Here’s Why:

  • Different dreamologists (people who study, and are considered experts in, the science of dreams) look at symbols differently.  I may view the symbolism of an oak tree differently than another dreamologist.  The actually symbolism in your dream could actually be a combination of BOTH of our interpretations. If you just have access to ONE, you may be missing out on something.
  • Different dream guides contain different “entries” or “symbols.”   For example, only one of the dream guides in my collection has the word ANVIL as one of the entries.  Another dream guide is the only one that has the word “PLUM” as a dream symbol. The more guides you have, the more dream symbols are at your disposal.

  • Each dreamologist gives their own “take” on dreams, why it’s so vital to study dreams, tips for benefiting from your dreams, advice for remembering your dreams, and a lot of dream guides even give valuable secret tips on how to have lucid dreams.

The dream guide you see here is one I highly recommend. This is The Meaning of Dreams and it’s very special in several ways.

  1. This is a downloadable book which means you can download it directly to your computer and begin enjoying it right away! No watching for UPS or your mail carrier. You get it immediately. You can save it to your computer and use it to research your dreams any time you want.  You can also, of course, print it out.  Here’s a trick I use when printing out dream guides:  I print out a couple of extra pieces of paper where I’ve typed “My Dreams” at the top and, using the ______ key on my keyboard, I create lines on which to write in my own dreams.  It’s always a GREAT idea to keep track of your dreams, as they’ll often present a fascinating pattern.
  2. When you order this book for only $17, you get a second book free: Your Dreams Revealed.  For less than $20 you get two great books!

With this easy-to-follow book, you’ll…

  • Learn the meaning of many types of metaphors in dreams
  • Be able to identify what your subconscious is telling you
  • Be able to resolve the dilemmas you identify in your dreams
  • Be more confident in your outlook

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