What Does it Mean To Dream About a Stuffed Dog?

Toy Dreams and Stuffed Animal Dreams Are Always Fun….. and Interesting!

What does it mean to dream about a stuffed dog? I don’t remember much about my dream except for the fact that I was happy and excited and I bought a stuffed dog at a store (a store I’ve never seen by the way).  Mind you, I’m too old to play with toys or stuffed animals any more (I’m in my 40’s after all!) but I was SO excited about buying this stuffed animal in my dream. I was wondering what the dream meaning was for this.  Thank you. – Signed, Feeling like a little girl at least in my dream!

What a fun dream! I, personally, dreamed about bats last night, so I’m a little jealous. I would have MUCH rather had a dream about a cute stuffed dog!

I think it’d be interesting to look at a few dream interpretations, along with the symbolism of toys, stuffed animals, and even dogs first of all.  Then I’ll tell you why you should be as excited about your dream as you were excited about the stuffed dog in your dream!

Toy Dreams

Toy dreams generally represent childhood or, at the very least, a childlike state of mind.  Our childhood generally represents to us a time of carefree fun and wild abandonment. No stresses, worries, responsibilities, or “to do lists.”  When we were children, we simply enjoyed each day as it came – another opportunity to play, explore, and simply enjoy life.

Is it any wonder we often return to childlike symbols in our dreams?!

When we dream about toys (dolls, stuffed animals, toy cars, games, bicycles…) we are dreaming about enjoyment and having fun with life.  Some people think of toy dreams as your mind’s way of getting the adult dreamer back in contact with someone they haven’t thought about in a while…. their younger self.

Anything can trigger these dreams – from being around or seeing children to seeing old pictures of yourself.  Toys can trigger these dreams as well since they often take us back to our childhood.

Dog Dreams

Dogs, in dreams, usually symbolize comfort and happiness. The only time they do not is when (in the dream) they are angry or aggressive.  A dog’s dream interpretation has a great deal to do with how the dreamer FELT during the dream.  If the dreamer felt afraid or anxious – this symbolizes fear they have in their daily life.

If the dog caused the dreamer to feel safe, then the dream analysis is that the dreamer is looking for a safety net in real life.

Here’s the fascinating thing: A dog in a dream may or may not appear as a REAL dog. He or she may be in a picture, in a painting, on a magazine, or (in your case) may even appear as a stuffed animal.  The mind will work the dog into the dream where it’s convenient for it to do so.

Dream Analysis for This Dream

The fact that you found a stuffed dog in what you referred to as a store you’ve never seen – and were SO excited about it – indicates that you have an abundance of excitement about something in your daily life.  I believe the fact that the dog is represented by a stuffed animal indicates that, deep inside, you’re feeling a childlike joy and experiencing childlike excitement.

That’s the best kind!

One of the things that fascinates me the most about dreams is this: Our subconscious mind is SO MUCH MORE IN-TUNE with our life and what’s going on around us than our conscious mind.  Our conscious mind has far too much going on to recognize every minute detail.  We have to do lists, bills, relationships, health, world events, etc – all competing for our attention.

Because of this, we may miss key details or clues about upcoming events.  Here’s a cool example: I once heard of a woman who kept dreaming of a wedding.  She wasn’t involved with anyone at the time (although she was “seriously” attracted to someone in her neighborhood).  She wondered why she was dreaming about weddings when she didn’t even have a boyfriend.  As it turned out, her  subconscious mind realized that the man she was attracted to was also attracted to her.  Her conscious mind “missed” the signs.  She was always too busy going to and from work, worrying about her aging parents, paying rent, and trying to make ends meet to notice the obvious.

He was always smiling at her the same way she smiled at him.

Her subconscious mind picked up on the clues and pretty much dwelt on them while she was asleep!

Within a year, they were married.

I believe the stuffed dog dreamer‘s subconscious mind is picking up on clues and overlooked signs – things the dreamer’s conscious (or waking) mind is too busy to fully realize.  The fact that the dreamer experienced such excitement in the dream leads me to believe they’re in for a very pleasant surprise in life.  Their subconscious mind is sort of putting them on notice…. “Look out! Something wonderful’s about to happen!”