Fascinating Facts About Dreams: Who Are These People Anyway?!

No One’s Entirely a Stranger in Your Dreams

In addition to the normal dream interpretations and analyses on Dream Prophesy, I’m going to start a series called Fascinating Facts About Dreams. I’ll usually post these on Wednesdays – unless I think of something so fascinating I can’t wait to share it!

The first Fact About Dreams is one that blew me away – in fact, years ago, when I first read about it, I was actually even a little skeptical.  But after further research and through personal experience, I’ve found that it’s dead on:  There are no total strangers in your dreams.

The faces you see in your dreams are faces you’ve seen at some point in your life.  They may be people you’ve seen on television, in movies, in books, or in public.  You may or may not have ever talked to these people – all that matters is the fact that your eyes saw them and your brain “acknowledged” them.

When your brain takes notice of a face, it immediately plays casting director.  The individual is added to an ever-growing and expansive list of characters that it can draw from for its grand productions called dreams.

That’s why the cashier in your dream may look an awful lot like “Flo” from the Progressive commercials.  She (or even what she represents – insurance) may not have anything in the world to do with the dream’s meaning. She may simply be the one that was cast in that particular role!

I have a dream a few nights ago and I kept thinking, “The woman I spoke to looked familiar…”  Later I realized the face was that of an English teacher I had in high school.  I’m not entirely sure what was up with her hair, though – I’m kind of certain my brain’s hair and makeup department switched up her ‘do a little bit.

When awake, we can kind of imagine the image of a face we’ve never seen. We can think… let’s give her Halle Berry’s eyes, Gwen Stefani’s smile, and Angelina Jolie’s nose.  We can come pretty close to picturing the final product (and how lovely would she be?!). However, in our dreams, we simply aren’t able to get that creative.

Think about someone in one of your most recent dreams and see if you can… literally… put a name to the face.