Dream Interpretation: What Does it Mean When You Dream About Spitting Up Blood?!

Blood is symbolic of life, so when you dream about blood, you are dreaming about someone. 

Her’s a recent dream submitted for interpretation:

I had a dream 4 or 5 nights back that’s still bothering me. The dream was so vivid and real-like that I can’t get it off of my brain.  I dreamed that I was in a bathroom. It wasn’t my bathroom at home. It was like it was in a hotel or something. I went to the sink and started spitting up blood. In my dream it didn’t seem to worry me as much as it would in real life. If I spit that much blood up while awake I would go to the doctor or call an ambulance!  The sight of all the blood will not get out of my mind and I just want to know what the dream means. I’m also kind of concerned that the dream is staying with me so long. Does that mean anything? Thank you so much. – Paul

Paul, I’m with you – I’d run to the doctor if I spewed blood!  First of all, dreams that involve VIVID things like blood, spiders, snakes, pain, fear, etc. tend to stay with us a while. Sometimes a few weeks or longer. This isn’t anything to worry about, however, if the dream is nightmarish, the sooner you can try to shove it out of your mind, the better. Otherwise, it may repeat itself, which is the last thing you want.  You are actually doing the best thing in the world to overcome the dream’s hold and that’s getting to the bottom of the meaning.  When we understand what our dreams mean, we’re able to move on and not look back.

Dreams of spitting things up (or physically expelling things in other ways) are symbolic of the desire to get rid of something (a situation, job, car, problem, hassle…).  When the thing expelled or spat out is blood, things get a little more interesting. Blood is symbolic of LIFE, so dreaming of spitting out blood means you don’t want some THING gone, you want some ONE gone!  Naturally this doesn’t mean you want to harm them or anything malicious, you just want them out of the way. It could be that you just want them gone temporarily.

I heard from a woman, once, who dreamed that she spat up blood and it turns out she wanted her boss to take a job in a different state.   I also remember a young boy in high school a few years ago who dreamed of spitting blood and it turns out he wanted an ex girlfriend to leave him alone.  I, myself, once had a dream about spitting up blood around a time we lived next to a she devil.  The woman had a nasty disposition and I knew, the minute I woke up, who I wanted to “spit out” of my life!

As with all dreams, there are exceptions, and I’m never one to say with 100 percent certainty what a dream means or doesn’t mean  BUT more times than not, if you dream of spitting blood, you want someone to move away, leave you alone, or simply get out of the picture for a while…. or for good!

Some people might ask, “If blood means life, could you be dreaming about getting rid of something in your own life when you dream about spitting blood?”  Again, anything is possible. However, when we dream about getting rid of something in our own life, it’s generally not a “spitting” dream.  For example, if we want to lose weight, many times we’ll dream about losing things.  If we want to stop doing something, we’ll often dream about things (even ourselves) that STOP doing a particular thing.

When it comes to “spitting out,” we’re almost always referring to someone else, as we can’t very well spit ourselves out.

Obviously, dream analysis and dream interpretation are excellent ways to get in touch with your emotions. Dream journals are of the utmost importance when it comes to remembering your dreams. Sometimes, the dream’s meaning lies hidden in small details you’ll overlook if you don’t write them down. Keeping a Dream Journal is fun and can help whether you’re interpreting your own dream or providing details to a dream interpreter.