Fun Facts About Dreams: Can You Read In Your Dreams? Can You Tell Time?

What Are Your Personal Experiences?!

Experts tell us that we aren’t able to read while dreaming.  Apparently this holds true for telling time as well – while we may see clocks in our dreams, we’re unable to “tell” what time it is.

I’ve tried to think of my own dreams to test these theories out. I can recall a few dreams where books were involved, but there weren’t any words on the covers – only pictures.

I also recall a really vivid dream where my family and I were in a fast food restaurant. We were looking at the large lit-up menu above the counter, but there were only pictures – no words. In the dream, we even pointed to the food we wanted.. no reading, no words involved!

Have you had any dreams, yourself, where words and/or numbers WERE  involved or dreams (similar to mine) where they were “no shows?”

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