Prophetic Dreams: Unveiling the Mystery Behind These Fascinating Dreams

Can Dreams Predict the Future?

The subject of prophetic dreams is a fascinating one. The Bible tells of prophetic dreams – dreams that “predicted” or foretold the future. Because these dreams were divinely inspired, they were prophetic in every sense of the word. 

But what about today? Do dreams that you or I experience have the power to tell the future?  Are dreams today prophetic?

I’ve written about this numerous times on Dream Prophesy, and the reactions are always strong, passionate, and emotional. This is a subject people feel very, very strongly about. Please understand that, although I read about and study dreams more than just about anyone (and certainly more than a lot of the people who argue with me), I don’t propose to know everything.  Like every other dreamologist or writer, I give my opinions – but, when the subject is something like dreams, nothing can be based in absolute concrete facts.

Do dreams often seem to foretell the future – even in modern times? Yes. Absolutely, yes! However, not all dreams are prophetic. In fact, I don’t believe that a great number of them actually are. What I do believe is this: Some people (perhaps even you) are simply more tuned into the world around them than others. Some people seem to have an extra sense – in addition to sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.  This “bonus” sense allows them to perceive things that have a strong potential of happening.  Like meteorologists “read” the signs in the atmosphere to “predict” the weather, these very special people “read” the conditions in their surroundings and are able to “predict” what the outcome could be.

Some people are simply so IN-TUNED to their surroundings that they are actually VERY good with their predictions.

The amazing thing is that, more times than not, their conscious mind has to completely – or almost completely – yield to their subconscious mind for this extra sense to fully operate. This is, of course, when they are sleeping and, more importantly, dreaming.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed about his assassination before it happened. The dream, itself, isn’t the fascinating thing or even the most important thing about this part of history. The most fascinating thing is President Lincoln, himself.  To say that Abraham Lincoln had a brilliant mind is a huge understatement. His was one of the most brilliant minds of any time. I believe that history proves that he was also one of these special people who seemed to have an extra sense. He knew the troubled times in which he lived and knew, all too well, the danger that surrounded him because of ignorant, angry people.

Apparently he realized the potential danger more than anyone else because his dream did, in fact, turn out to be a prophetic dream.

However, this certainly doesn’t mean that all dreams are prophetic. It doesn’t even mean that MOST dreams are prophetic.  In fact, most are far from having any sort of connection to reality whatsoever – unless you consider flying pigs, talking basset hounds, and yellow robots reality!

If you have a troubling dream that you fear may be prophetic, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you experienced a time before when you seemed to be more in tuned with your surroundings than others?
  • Do current situations set the stage, so to speak, for your dream to come true? For example, if you dreamed that a friend had a wreck – does this friend normally drive recklessly?

If you believe there is any weight to your dream or that you have legitimate cause for concern, by all means exercise caution. I once heard from a young man in his early 20’s who had had a dream that a friend wrecked his motorcycle. He was VERY upset because the dream seemed so real.  I asked him if the friend tended to be careless and/or had a tendency to speed.  He said YES to both and that he often worried about him.  He wondered if he should say anything to his friend and risk sounding like a fool.

I, of course, told him to say something and not worry about sounding like a fool!  I told him that telling his friend about the dream might would be the one thing to make him start driving more carefully.

Fortunately the wreck never happened – as is the case with most dreams.

Even “prophetic dreams” don’t have to turn out the way they did in our sleep!