Pig Dreams: The Analysis Can Go One of Two Ways

What Does it Mean to Dream About Pigs?!

Like a lot of dream interpretations and dream symbols, pig dreams can go one of several ways. The first one I’ll give is the most common analysis – but don’t be surprised if your dream’s meaning is more in line with the second one.

Pigs May Symbolize Someone Less Than Desirable

Although a lot of people (me, included!) find pigs to be too cute for words, the word “pig” is often associated with someone who lacks moral decency.  “He’s such a pig!” is a common phrase for someone you either don’t want to know – or wish you didn’t!

If you dream of pigs, it could be symbolic of your feelings toward someone.  You may or may not even realize you harbor these feelings.

Sometimes, the pig in the dream symbolizes the dreamer, him/her self.  Guilt or remorse can make a person “act out” regret in their dreams.

Pigs May Symbolize a Feeling of Gluttony

Some people dream about pigs following something that makes them feel like a glutton. They probably even said something along the lines of, “I pigged out” or “I was such a pig!” the previous day.

Pig dreams are yet another example of how fascinating and fun our dreams are.  The symbolisms we use never cease to amaze… or amuse… me.